Lymm AC Important announcement Chester Lakes complex

Chester Lakes – Pleasure Lakes

The club must regretfully inform members that with effect from 1st December 2014 they will no longer be able to fish the pleasure lakes at the Chester Lakes complex free of charge, members can however still fish the lakes providing they pay Chester Lakes directly and abide by the fishery rules. The following pools are classed as the pleasure lakes;

  • Dodleston
  • Eccleston
  • Aldford
  • Pulford
  • Wood Pool

The club have also withdrawn the subsidised River Weaver card and access to Slaters Pit for 2015, members wishing to continue fishing the River Weaver must join Rudheath Social Club directly, membership costs around £10 per year and more information is available here.

The nearest club venue for members who enjoy an active days pleasure or match fishing is The Lake of Tranquility a three acre spring fed stunning, natural looking match style lake with 40 pegs located in the heart of the Flintshire countryside in Leeswood near Mold.

Nestling in the heart of the Flintshire countryside is the Lake of Tranquility.

The smaller Horseshoe Lake is just that, a horseshoe shaped water, 16 metres at its widest point with the same depth features throughout and an ideal water for anglers to hone their match skills or simply spend a few action filled hours.

The Horseshoe - A 10 peg match lake with plenty to go at all day long!!

 Chester Lakes – Specimen Lake

bu9x_good_news_107650040And now for the good news, for the 5th year in succession Lymm AC have retained the sole fishing rights to the Chester Specimen Lake for 2015 and from the 1st December 2014 have dispensed with the 2 year rule to increase accessibility to this prolific water to all members. This will allow all current 2014 members and new 2015 members to fish the Specimen Lake irrespective of whether they have any endorsements or warning on their current membership card. It is hoped that this will encourage more members to use the water and the club have agreement to build a further 2 or 3 pegs on the roadside bank allowing up to 10 anglers. The club bailiffs will continue to monitor the Specimen Lake and will advise those new to the water on how to get the best from it.

To remind all members of the potential this water has the waters guide describes it as ‘This mature, six acre former syndicate water is located to the west of Chester. It is renowned locally for specimen carp, bream, tench and eels. Stock densities of each species are relatively low but this has led to the water providing some truly huge fish. There are a good number of 20lb+ carp along with a number of good 30’s. Tench to low double figures, bream thought to go up to mid-doubles and eels to 6lbs 8oz ensure it is not just specimen carp hunters that have something to go at here. The lake is located within the Chester Lakes fishing complex and members are welcome to use the excellent on-site café there along with the toilets and shower facilities’

Chester Specimen lake – club rules

Apart from dropping the 2 year endorsement free rule the only rule change effective from 1st December is that for all anglers the maximum stay is reduced from 72 to 48 hours in a 7 day period, usage of the water will be monitored by the arrival slips and the maximum stay period maybe reviewed by the club in the future. The following water specific rules apply at all times;

Fishing is available to existing and new members irrespective of any previous endorsements and/or rule infringements. (From 1st December 2014)

  • All members must book in and out of the site café
  • Maximum 2 rods
  • Maximum 48hr stay within a 7 day period
  • No juniors
  • No dogs
  • Gates open at 7am and are locked at 7pm, no entering or leaving the complex outside these times


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I'm 40 something and rapidly approaching the big 50 but I'm also mad keen angler based in Liverpool. Rivers are my preferred mode of fishing but during the close season I can be found 'sulking' on a still water waiting for the magnificent Tench to take my bait and put a bend in the rod!!

5 thoughts on “Lymm AC Important announcement Chester Lakes complex

  1. Re-Chester Lakes. Why favour the big fish boys at the expense of the average club member. I shall pay for my fishing there out of next year’s Lymm fees.

    • You have a point but I can assure you the club have been in negotiations with the fishery for the past 6 months and unfortunately the owner didn’t wish to continue with the agreement we had on the pleasure lakes, it wasn’t the clubs decision not to renew.

      • In that case why continue with the big fish lake? Aren’t just playing the owners game? The club has plenty of other waters with big fish..

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