Great start to the river season!

The first two weeks of the river season have passed and catch reports are coming in of multiple hits of barbel and chub, with the club’s stretches of the River Severn once again providing members with some cracking early season sport. After clearing some swims at Rossall with friend ‘Woody’ before opening day, club bailiff and river regular Phil O’Callaghan has fished the stretch with great results and has kindly produced this report for the blog..


The season started ok on Rossall, not a prolific water but one that holds some nice specimens .


Phil’s first double of the season.

In the first 10 days, it has turned up nine barbel and an impressive twenty four very nice chub over 5lb to only a handful of anglers and all but a couple of the fish being taken after dark.
A Rossall chub.
 If my observations were correct, spawning took place a couple of days before the season started whereas Paul wood observed spawning taking place on the Bicton water on the 21st ,I recall speaking to the farmer last year on the same date and he told me it was always after the season had started but I won’t get into that debate .
Phil with an Atcham barbel.
I have fished Poachers a couple of times and as with the upper river it is turning up some very nice chub, the Barbel fishing I have found to be a little slow . Anyway I consider my season to have started well only fishing in the evening into dark and only blanking once on Llandinio a notoriously hard water, one that will take a little learning. There are plenty of salmon in the system and like us praying for some rain I guess.
If you’re not already a member and fancy fishing our rivers for specimens like these, follow the link for more!

Catch Of The Month Competition May 2015

May’s competition sponsored by Viking Baits and Red Eye Baits, was an easy decision for our judges. Huffy’s session on Lymmvale for the Macmillan charity tench fish-in was the clear winner. There were some impressive runners up though, with the pick of the bunch being a Bridgewater canal ‘twenty’ from Mike at Viking Baits.


But Malc’s memorable session won and he’s put together a great write up for the blog.

This is a date I always look forward to on my angling calendar, this year it was to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, a very worthy cause indeed. The banter and camaraderie on these fish-ins is second to none. When drawing for pegs I decided that ANY peg on the west bank would do me, the sole reason being that I did not want to spend the next 48 hours with the wind blowing in my kipper. (I like to fish in luxury and comfort in my old age). Luckily a west bank swim was available by the time my number came around and off I went.

Both rods were baited and cast towards the Sandbank swim, plan of attack was the right hand rod on maggot feeder/fake caster and left hand rod was method feeder and Viking Baits crab and plum 10mm boilies. About 25 mins in, the right hand rod was away and after a cracking battle a PB female Tench of 7lb 2oz lay in the net. Many thanks to Phil Hatton for the pictures.


About 40 mins later the right hand was away, which turned out to be a male tench of 6lb 2 quickly followed by two more small male tench to the method rod At this point it made sense to change the maggot feeder rod over to a method feeder and fish this one with a small tutti frutti dumbbell. The plan was working a treat as three more tench followed during the Saturday morning. The action slowed during the afternoon and we took a break for a barbeque.

After a scoff it was with renewed vigour that I went back to my swim keeping to the plan of both rods on method feeders as it had worked from the off on the Friday evening. About 45mins after casting both rods to the spots the right hand rod burst into life…..RIGHT….Now is the time to put my hands up and confess that the next 10-15 maybe more mins I fished like a complete Wally!! (As the spectators on the opposite bank will no doubt testify) what initially felt like a decent tench at first, started to bully ME! Taking on stronger runs and hugging bottom, this aint no tench I thought after it went on a searing run for freedom, it has to be a carp. Off it went crossing over my left hand rod, trying to gain line on the fish I managed to get the rod tip caught in the trees overhead, muttering profanities and trying to stay calm I somehow managed to free it only for the fish to kite over my rod to the right in a bid to reach Stubbsy’s hut!


After what seemed like an eternity I finally managed to net her. Bruce had come over to see what I had caught and by this point my legs really had turned to jelly. Prepping the mat, sling, scales and camera we both lifted her gently onto the mat. We had several attempts to weigh her with a steady hand and it was agreed upon that it was 29lb 14oz.  I even managed another two tench that evening, one of the being another PB male tench of exactly 7lb. A red letter day I will fondly remember.


Well done Malc! A great session and a great write up. June’s competition will have to be special to top that, you can enter via the members forum or on the club’s Facebook page.

If you’re interested in joining Lymm AC, click on the link below to visit our website.

New stretches of canal acquired!

I am pleased to report that the club have entered into a new agreement with the canals and rivers trust for various canal lengths and fishing of these is with immediate effect. There are changes which I will now elaborate on. Firstly the club no longer have rights to the Macc Canal . We do now however have several additional miles of the Shropshire Union and Llangollen Canals. With immediate effect we have rights to the Shropshire from bridge 107 Beeston to bridge 120 at Rowton. The Llangollen canal we have from bridge 13 at Wrenbury right through to bridge 33 at Whitchurch. This canal passes through Norbury, Quoits ley, Grindley Brook and to just beyond Whitchurch. It’s considered very good fishing particularly through the quieter boat traffic period.grindley


Visit for details of these and our other waters.

Catch Of The Month April 2015

Welcome to Lymm Angling Club’s catch of the month competition for April. With the weather improving and the temperatures on the rise, April saw some cracking fish entered into the competition.

Some good sized carp from Serpentine pool on the Belmont complex and a big catfish from Spring Pool were the runners up. But our sponsors Viking Baits and Red Eye Baits chose Al Green’s session on Shakerley Mere as the winner. Al provided us with this great report..

Finally I managed to get some decent bank time this year, the weather was awesome and with only one other angler on the lake the fish were in front of my chosen swim. Happy days I thought, I got some bait out and got the rods out onto two of the firmer patches only to be awoken after less than an hour with a Canadian goose flying into the marginal tree line with my rig attached. Not a great start but after a couple of hours of coaxing and feeding and with the help of two ladies we managed to cover goose to calm her and free the rig that was tangled round her leg. Panic over!

I got the rods back out only to have a another take within 10 minutes, this was one fish I felt I must deserve after the earlier dramas. After a short heavy slow scrap the hook pulled at distance and with that big teasing bowwave she was gone . Never mind… staying positive I got the rods back out and settled back down, with the weather warming up the fish were becoming a lot more active and were clearly all over my swim and at around 2pm the left hand rod was off.

After a fairly dull fight the fish was in front of me a nice dark mirror, no monster but looked a lovely fish , net out ready to bring her over the cord when dink out popped the hook…. This was going t be one of those days! A few f’s n jeff’s and turning the air blue I got my rods back out had some lunch and got settled again. The rest of the day stayed quiet I chopped and changed tried a few zigs but nothing. So got my rods set back up for the evening and back out onto the spots.

Al 1

All was quiet until midnight when I had a take on the island rod that resulted in my first fish off the water for 2015 and broke the duck! Not the prettiest fish in the lake but definitely the most welcome and a 20 to boot a mirror that tipped the scales 21.02. Not much happened apart from the usual liners until the morning around 7 am when I had a screaming run and a typically hard fight from the one of smaller commons. A nice and pristine condition low double was the result.

Al 2

The rest of the day was fairly quiet with a dropped run around lunch time and another small 6lb common before packing up to round off an eventful trip. Went home a very happy man to have christened my new rods and broke the seal for this season.

happy days and tight lines.

Well done Al!

If you would like to have a go for fish such as these, then take a look at our website, where you will find details of all our waters and, of course, joining information.


Lymm AC Charity Tench Fish-In 29-05-15 (23)

Just a final update to thank all of you who supported the event at the weekend and our online auction ending tonight. It was without doubt the biggest and best event to date and has set a very high standard for the future.

As of Friday afternoon together we’ve raised over £3560 so with only a few hours left until the auction ends we’re not only going to hit our £4000 target we’ll smash it into next week!!

  • £1714 Auction Bids So Far
  • £1137 Just Giving Donations Includes £400 From Tench Fish-In Weekend
  • £355 Members £1 Donations
  • £355 Lymm AC’s Match for Above

The total funds raised will receive an additional £600 or more Gift Aid via the JustGiving page when all monies are collected and paid in which when all said and done is a superb effort from all concerned.

Please continue to use the links below to our JustGiving Page and auction to keep spreading the word amongst social media, family and friends, remember the auction ends at 8pm tonight!!. Thank you again for your support of the event and donations for the auction. Next years event is yet to be finalised but all will be invited to return and do it all again!! On a personal note it’s been great to meet up and have a social with everyone and I’m looking forward to fishing some new rivers once the season gets underway. For next years event I’ll be taking a step back from the organising team and Bill has said he’ll be doing the same with regards to the catering and sourcing the auction lots as well as everything else as both jobs have proved challenging and exhausting to say the least however we’ll still participate and no doubt the event will be just as much fun to be part of and raise a few quid for next years charity which the membership will vote on and nominate at the AGM in October this year. In the meantime and on behalf of the organising team we wish you tight lines and bendy rods for the new season whatever you’re fishing for!! Best wishes, Grazy.

Below is some of the highlights of the weekend and if you’ve any other photo’s you’d like to share send them to me at and I’ll include some of them in the promo materials over the next week or so.

If Carlsberg made cakes!! Big thank you to Bruces Mum for making this amazing creation, shame to cut into it really but it tasted just as good as it looked!!

Winner of Best Overall Weight Any Species Malcolm Hough and deservedly so, what a session with no less than 9 tench to 7lb 2oz and a stunning Lymmvale mirror carp of 29lb 14oz giving ‘Huffy’ a number of new PB’s – well done mate on a session of lifetime!!

Huffys 29lb 14oz mirror carp so good he landed it twice!!

One of Huffy’s nine tench lovely conditioned Lymmvale warrior (the tench that is not Huffy!!)

Aaron picks up the award for biggest male tench at a respectable 6lb 6oz the biggest of 4 he had during the weekend. He’s also been unofficially awarded the most hollow legs award by Mr Last for the amount of breakfast barms and burgers consumed in a 36 hour period!!

The biggest female tench went to Bruce at 6lb 8oz a great effort rewarded after a weekend of focussing on his marginal swims and fending off the local coots!! 

Baz had a clonking session taking a respectable eight tench to 5lb 5oz and at one point getting his feet wet in the margins to rescue a tench that had tangled with the roots of a nearside bush.

Jerry Gleeson hadn’t fished a still water for nine years however his determination and happy go lucky attitude saw him land three tench to 6lb well done mate and not a bad début for an out and out barbel angler!! He was duly rewarded with a Lymm AC polo shirt collected on his behalf by Matt who said something about “He’ll be lucky to get this before Christmas” or words to that effect!!

Matt Marlow had fished Lymmvale many moons ago but chose a familiar swim to settle into a steady campaign and after some pearls of wisdom from Head Water Keeper John Stubbs targeted both carp and tench which paid off with this 23lb Cheshire beauty and a 4lb female tench. Well done and thank you for donating a £50 voucher for Heritage Custom Made Saddles and a membership for King Edward Angling Society which offer a private syndicate stretch on the river Goyt, it really is appreciated by us all.

Rob Hilton has become a seasoned campaigner on Lymmvale and chose the Sandbank peg along with his fishing partner Paul Fisk. They both got stuck into the fish and had a great weekend apart from some bloke in salopettes trying to get them to fish with cane rods and Mitchell 300 reels, he was escorted off their peg by security and didn’t bother them after that 🙂

What do points make? Prizes!! Many thanks to Paul Fisk for donating not one but two big bags of Fiskys Fantastic Feeders I’m sure Huffy will wrap them up for my Christmas present once he reads this!! Also thanks to Bill for the superb Tinca trophies and Phil for the Tench Fishers mugs.

The fifth Barbel Society guest Bobby Baker drove all the way from Scotland after a weeks Salmon fishing to his home near Welshpool then all the way up to Lymmvale arriving early on the Saturday morning. After choosing a swim on the west bank he float fished and ledgered in the margins taking 3 tench to 4lb 12oz.

The remaining anglers were all winners in my book and most had a tale or two to tell at brew breaks and the BBQ. Everyone managed to catch apart from me but in my defence your honour I wasn’t there to fish and apart from sticking a rod out for the big cat on Saturday night spent most of my time having a gab to the lads and helping out a brew time (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!)

I did, however, managed a couple of hours on the stock pond with my old mate Penno once all the proceedings were done and dusted and at least I managed a roach or two – “Grazy never known to blank!!”

The venue was stunning, the fishing was on form but I couldn’t end this write up without thanking my good friend Mr Bill Last for the superb food that just kept coming and coming until we waddled back to our swims for a quick lie down!! It’s without doubt the most successful fund raiser yet and that is due to Bill’s shear enthusiasm and determination to reach our target, floppy hats off to ya mate you’re a star.

That’s it from me apart from saying a BIG THANK YOU again for all your support and donnations, please have one last push this afternoon and tonight on sharing the links, the auction ends at 8pm Friday evening!!

All the best, Grazy.

Lymm AC announce access to three established pools at Manley Old Hall Fishery

The club are pleased to announce three new waters on the Manley Old Hall Fishery. We have shared access to the pools commencing 1st June, fishing from 7.00am till 9.00pm summer months then 7.00am till dusk winter. No night fishing allowed.

Although Manley Old Hall is run as a commercial fishery the waters have a more natural feel to them and are situated in picturesque Cheshire countryside, the only thing in common with your normal commercial set-up is the fish stocks. All three pools have mixed species with carp, tench, crucians, roach, rudd, bream, and perch in all three pools with the added bonus of chub in Cherry Pool. Each pool houses some surprises with the odd 20lb carp present.

There is good access to the waters with several areas were parking behind the pegs is allowed.

The top pool is called Black Poplars, this water is 200 years old and originally a house stood were the pool is now situated. This is the shallowest of the three pools with the average depth 4′ 6″ and has 26 pegs. There is a large head of tench and crucian carp plus plenty of silver fish and is also home to the fisheries biggest known carp.

Manley Old Hall Fishery Black Poplars 002

Manley Old Hall Fishery Black Poplars 001Cherry Pool is the middle water and also the largest and deepest with depths up to 8′. This pool again has 26 pegs and is heavily stocked with mixed species and also holds the largest head of carp. This is a ideal match water and the club is allowed to hold matches on all the waters with a additional £5.00 pegging fee.

Manley Old Hall Fishery Cherry 001 Manley Old Hall Fishery Cherry 002

The bottom pool Silver Birch is a long canal shape water which is something of a unknown quantity as this water has rarely been fished and is rumoured to hold some big carp. At present there are no man made pegs and fishing is on the bank along the track. This water again has descent depths with 6′ – 7′ in places, with 12m across to the far bank.

Manley Old Hall Fishery Silver Birch 001

The fishery rules are situated on the notice board, it is the responsibility of all members to familiarise themselves with the rules below which will be added to the water specific rules in the clubs map book shortly.

Manley Old Hall Fishery Rules

  • No spectators
  • No children under the age of 14 years to be left unsupervised at any time
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Landing nets must be used on all fish
  • Minimum ground bait
  • No bloodworm or joker
  • No nuts or dairy products
  • No keepnets to be used (except during matches)
  • No floating baits
  • Bivvies to the right hand side only
  • Litter to be placed in the bins provided or taken home with you
  • Under no circumstances should any fish be harmed or taken from the fishery anyone seen doing this will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
  • We reserve the right to eject any person not abiding by these rules

Fishery address and directions

Manley Old Hall Fishery
Sugar Lane
Billy Bristow 07986339955

Directions: M56 junction 14, take A5117 signposted Helsby.
Through traffic lights then first right Primrose Lane.
Up hill to T junction turn right Helsby Road.
To next T junction turn right Manley Road.
1.5 miles right turn at Manley village school (School Lane).
300 yards right Sugar lane.
200 yards fishery on right.

Map of Manley Old Hall

Lymm AC will continue to seek out new venues for it’s members and we hope the latest additions to our portfolio of waters will bring the angling pleasure that they undoubtedly promise!

If you are interested in joining Lymm AC, then all you need to do is simply visit our website at where you will find plenty of information, including a list of all our waters and, of course, details of how to join. We look forward to hearing from you!