Catch Of The Month Competition May 2015

May’s competition sponsored by Viking Baits and Red Eye Baits, was an easy decision for our judges. Huffy’s session on Lymmvale for the Macmillan charity tench fish-in was the clear winner. There were some impressive runners up though, with the pick of the bunch being a Bridgewater canal ‘twenty’ from Mike at Viking Baits.


But Malc’s memorable session won and he’s put together a great write up for the blog.

This is a date I always look forward to on my angling calendar, this year it was to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, a very worthy cause indeed. The banter and camaraderie on these fish-ins is second to none. When drawing for pegs I decided that ANY peg on the west bank would do me, the sole reason being that I did not want to spend the next 48 hours with the wind blowing in my kipper. (I like to fish in luxury and comfort in my old age). Luckily a west bank swim was available by the time my number came around and off I went.

Both rods were baited and cast towards the Sandbank swim, plan of attack was the right hand rod on maggot feeder/fake caster and left hand rod was method feeder and Viking Baits crab and plum 10mm boilies. About 25 mins in, the right hand rod was away and after a cracking battle a PB female Tench of 7lb 2oz lay in the net. Many thanks to Phil Hatton for the pictures.


About 40 mins later the right hand was away, which turned out to be a male tench of 6lb 2 quickly followed by two more small male tench to the method rod At this point it made sense to change the maggot feeder rod over to a method feeder and fish this one with a small tutti frutti dumbbell. The plan was working a treat as three more tench followed during the Saturday morning. The action slowed during the afternoon and we took a break for a barbeque.

After a scoff it was with renewed vigour that I went back to my swim keeping to the plan of both rods on method feeders as it had worked from the off on the Friday evening. About 45mins after casting both rods to the spots the right hand rod burst into life…..RIGHT….Now is the time to put my hands up and confess that the next 10-15 maybe more mins I fished like a complete Wally!! (As the spectators on the opposite bank will no doubt testify) what initially felt like a decent tench at first, started to bully ME! Taking on stronger runs and hugging bottom, this aint no tench I thought after it went on a searing run for freedom, it has to be a carp. Off it went crossing over my left hand rod, trying to gain line on the fish I managed to get the rod tip caught in the trees overhead, muttering profanities and trying to stay calm I somehow managed to free it only for the fish to kite over my rod to the right in a bid to reach Stubbsy’s hut!


After what seemed like an eternity I finally managed to net her. Bruce had come over to see what I had caught and by this point my legs really had turned to jelly. Prepping the mat, sling, scales and camera we both lifted her gently onto the mat. We had several attempts to weigh her with a steady hand and it was agreed upon that it was 29lb 14oz.  I even managed another two tench that evening, one of the being another PB male tench of exactly 7lb. A red letter day I will fondly remember.


Well done Malc! A great session and a great write up. June’s competition will have to be special to top that, you can enter via the members forum or on the club’s Facebook page.

If you’re interested in joining Lymm AC, click on the link below to visit our website.

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