Catch Of The Month June 2015

With the long awaited summer weather finally upon us, June’s competition, sponsored by Viking Baits and Red Eye baits, has produced some tremendous specimens from club waters. The best of the bunch include a stunning PB mirror for club member Coxy12, from Wrinehill pool.


Forum member Gazzab123 had a great session on Serpentine pool, on the Belmont estate. The best of five carp was a PB 20.2lb common.


Next up, club ‘legend’, or should that be leg end… Billy Smith aka Smudge finally landed a 20lb+ carp and in his own modest words,

‘This one is bound to win. Finally caught a 20+ fish after not really trying to catch one for the last 40 odd years. 6lb line with a small ball of boiled paste meant for proper fish. (tench) 25lb and a few ounces. And because I’m the first to catch it, I’m giving it a name. It’s name is a carp. From the Vale’.


Billy’s first 20lb carp, from Lymmvale.

To complete the list of competitors, this is an 8.12lb tench, which Billy was hoping to catch, also from Lymmvale.

8.12 tench 008

But even with a strong line up, June’s Catch Of The Month prize was only heading in one direction and that was to Nick Lynes and his new club record capture of the Lymmvale ‘Big girl’ catfish. Fellow angler Neil Golden who witnessed the capture has produced what is an excellent report for the blog…

Firstly, a big apology to all members who had hoped to get on Chester’s Specimen lake on the 1st day of the season. Like most of us, the carp on Chester only spawn once a year so I had to give them their privacy and close the Lake. Thank you to all the lads who where on there and left without any complaints, it is really appreciated.

Anyway, as Chester was closed I joined the minority and planned an alternative lake for the first weekend of the season. After much deliberation I chose Lymm Vale. I even managed to get the Friday afternoon off work in the hope of beating the Friday rush to the lake. I rocked up just after 2pm and bumped into one of my regulars from Chester. He’d already spotted the fish so swim selection wasn’t difficult and I set up on the Boat House.
I expected the Vale to be busy as a few lakes where closed for spawning. I checked my watch at 5pm and was quite shocked that there were still plenty of pegs free. As such, I called my mate Nick and told him to come down to wet a line. Nick had planned to join Lymm Anglers for a while and wanted to fish Chester on the 1st day of the season. However, as I’d closed it for a few days Nick was going to wait till it was open again before arranging his membership. I explained to Nick that he could join online and as long as he could provide proof to the bailiffs he’d be fine. Nick arrived just after 7pm some 20 minutes after paying for his ticket. Regrettably, a few more people had turned up so the peg next to me was now taken. However, when Nick arrived we had a look round the lake and thought his best chance would be at the car park end of the lake.

Once Nick was set up I went round the lake to check tickets and to see how everyone was getting on. It transpired that the lads on the sand bank where leaving early in the morning and the lads next to me where swapping swims with them. This in return, would leave the two pegs on my left empty.  That evening I had a few Tench and the lad next to me landed a stunning Mirror.

The next morning around 5am the heavens opened so this delayed the peg move slightly however I managed to move and Nick joined me after the rain had settled. I explained to Nick that I’d had a cast around in both swims (while he was tucked up in his bivvy out of the rain) and found a few spots of interest. We were on the same bait so agreed to fish as a pair and maximise our chances by covering a reasonable area of the Lake.

It was a quiet afternoon with all the fish moving away from us and up towards the car park end (much to Nick’s frustration).  I explained to Nick that the reason for this was clearly because John Stubbs had the kettle on and was making bacon butties. In fact it wasn’t just the carp that ended up that end of the lake.  I also found myself up there choosing between red and brown sauce.

Now, I think this was the pivotal moment in mine and Nick’s session. Reason being, I told Nick that I was just going to see John for a catch up. However, I managed to devour two bacon butties (I chose brown sauce by the way) and two cups of coffee.

When I got back to the peg Nick, like any good fishing partner, was also in chef mode and had the bacon on the go. Regrettably, I had to decline the offer of a third bacon sandwich and made the excuse that I was changing some rigs round and I’d have one later. I really didn’t have the heart then to tell him I’d already had breakfast and I think this is when the carp gods looked down on me in disgust!

I attempted to hide my guilt by regularly making a cuppa but what happened next made it clear there was not getting away from my little secret and this reminded me that angling always finds a way to even things out.

We had just started to get some bait out when Nick’s right hand rod roared (and I mean roared) off with a one toner. This rod was only an under arm chuck away and I clocked the swirl from my peg. By the time I got over to Nick his was rod tip was no higher than his shoulders with the rod almost straight. As you can imagine, my first instinct was to ask ‘what you playing at noddy’ but it soon became apparent he was struggling to get the rod any higher. I helped him sort his clutch out and from then onwards it was all down to him. Nick had never caught a cat before and it was one species he was keen on avoiding. In fact I remember the time when the roles were reversed and once he netted it for me he was off!

The first time the cat came in close we knew it was the big girl and Nick looked far from impressed, but he soon zoned out again as it ripped of another 30 yards of line. The battle was epic and an experience that Nick will never forget. It was easily 20 plus minutes and we have most of it on film. All the commotion had alerted Jordan and Chris from the sand bank so they reeled in and came over. A huge thank you lads for your assistance as I don’t think we’d of managed without you.
Chris and I secured the massive predator in the sling while Jordan held the scales.  Meanwhile Nick didn’t know what to do with himself and who could blame him. He’d been a member just over 24hours and landed the biggest fish on the Lymm card.

The cat weighted in at 66lb 5oz a represents a new Lymm Vale lake record. Naturally I’ve told him it doesn’t count because we were after the carp, which technically means he blanked!

Joking aside, top angling Nick you deserved that buddy.


A worthy winner I’m sure you’ll agree and thanks to Neil for a great write up. To fish Lymmvale for the big cats and of course all our other waters too, check out the website by clicking on the link below!

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