River Severn Barbel Coaching Session

The annual Lymm AC barbel fish-in was held last week on the club’s stretch of the River Severn at Atcham. These sessions were started years ago by club legend Cliff Taylor, with the intention of introducing members to the wonderful world of barbel fishing.

This year, credit goes to Phil Hatton and coaches Big Dave and Paul Edwards for sparing their time to organise the event and giving the anglers the best chance of landing a barbel. Paul has kindly put together this report..


‘Hi lads a brilliant day was had by all who attended the barbel fish-in on Saturday,extra credits go to Dean (denzil) who made it late, but after what he’d been through getting to Atcham other people would have turned round and gone home (what a trooper!!).The day started off in the infamous raven for a healthy??? breakfast then on to Atcham where Big Dave, Phil H and me took the lads though the tackle and rigs that we use and most importantly the welfare and the safety of the fish and then the lads got split into two groups, some of the lads went into poachers and the rest went upstream into the next field where they started to put some bait into the areas they would be fishing.

Me, Phil, and Dave spent the afernoon walking up and down the river showing the lads what to look for when fishing the river like features to look for like weedbeds, deep holes, creases etc. We carried on baiting up till about six o’clock then we all went back to the car park for a brew up and cake (it wouldn’t be a fish-in without cake) then we all went back to the rods for the serious bertie bashing. One of the young lads, Alfie,was half asleep in his chair when his rod stearted to twitch and then his baitrunner started to give out line, he was on to it quickly to strike into the fish and Phil H did a brilliant job in coaching Alfie on how to play a barbel.


The look on his face when big Dave landed his first ever barbel was a picture, you couldn’t get the smile off his face, so we weighed the fish( 5lb 8oz) and i took some photos and the barbel was returned to the river and, no doubt, young Alfie will be giving his dad some earache about going fishing again.


Yours truly was fishing in my favourite peg on the stretch, anyone who knows me will know where i’m talking about and within ten minutes of casting my rigs in the baited areas, the downstream rod was off, the baitrunner was screaming for mercy when i struck into the fish and as i was playing it the other rod started twitching and developed into a run on the baitrunner, luckily the fish that i was playing got stuck in a weedbed so i put  the rod on the rest so the fish could free itself while i played the other barbel so i had two barbel in the net which happens very often at Atcham so because they were having it on my peg i went down to the others and asked if anyone wanted to sit in my peg for a few hours so they can get a few fish under their belt but no-one took me up on my offer. So it turned into a good night with, Denzil had two barbel.


I think Swifty had one i’m not sure about the others but i ended up having nine fish……7lb 8oz….9lb 10 oz…5lb 3oz…..4lb 5oz…6lb 2oz….4lb  ..5lb 12oz  all barbel and two chub…….3lb 6oz…..4lb 7oz


But the day belonged to Alfie…..congratulations and welcome to the river rats mate!

Thanks Paul for an excellent report and well done to you, Phil and Dave for converting another batch of anglers to the River Rats!

For more info on Lymm rivers, check out the website by following the link..



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