July Catch Of The Month Competition

The Lymm AC catch of the month competition for July was strong, the club’s premier specimen water, Lymmvale, not for the first time provides the goods for members with lake records and PBs being set. Our sponsor Viking Baits http://www.vikingbaits.co.uk/Viking_Baits/Home.html Once again provide a top quality prize for the winner.

But first. a round up of the best entries…


Alex Burgess had a session to remember on flagship water Lymmvale, with a brace of large carp and a cracking 10.08lb tench in the same session. Despite the fishing being hard this year on the Vale, the size of the fish has increased dramatically with several double figure tench being caught and a few 30lb+ carp.


Phil Craven had this Vale record 32.02lb mirror and a 25lb cat in one July session.

Vale cat 48.12 002

This very lucky noddy fluked another big Vale cat of 48lb on the cat slaying half tin of spam fished over pellet. A method which produces time and again for those prepared to put in the graft for these notoriously hard to catch fish.


And Chrisspen95 had two stunning Vale mirrors to 28lb during a 48hr weekend session.

However the winner this month is….. Big Dave Steen with a PB 10.06lb barbel from the prolific river Severn at Atcham. Venue regular Dave is no stranger to productive sessions on this prime stretch of river, but an Atcham double is a rare fish and certainly a well worth winner!

Dave has written an excellent report for the blog…

Decided it was time to have a run down to Atcham to take my son with me who had won a river card in the McMillan Charity Auction, plus it also gave me a chance to get the rods out   :cheezy:

First of all I had to take my son for the delights of a healthy gut buster at the Raven Cafe.

After being fed & watered we got under-way to arrive at the car park at 11am. I was surprised to find no cars in the car park. Got the gear out and yomped across the field to our chosen swim.

The first thing we noticed was how low the water was and how all the crowfoot weed was in flower, so I knew it was going to be a challenging day getting the feeders caught in the weed. We were also accompanied by the cows on our swim.


We made up the groundbait with fish-meal groundbait and halibut pellets, let it settle for 10 minutes and then got the rods set up, & started getting some feed out.

6 feeders full in the water (per instructions from Sir Cliff, a long time ago pmsl), we sat on it for 30-60 minutes while we had a brew & then got the hooklinks on with the bait, Sonubaits oozing halibut pellets on one rod & spicy sausage soaked spam on another.

Had a few tentative bites throughout the day but nothing substantial and all was slow, until 8pm when I had my first fish on the halibut pellet, a 6lb 4oz Barbel. Then soon after a 7lb 2oz on the Sausage Sizzle.

It then settled down for a while so we had another brew during which the downstream rod shot off & I struck into a nice fish & the battle began on my John Wilson rod.

10-15 action packed minutes later I managed to get this beauty on the bank. Gave me a great battle on such a light rod.


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Lawrence and Grazy on the Severn

I had a trip down to the River Severn at Atcham recently and whilst wandering the banks, I stumbled across our very own Grazy Roberts accompanied by well known barbel angler, Lawrence Brakespear. Knowing of Lawrence’s success catching big Severn barbel and not one to miss an opportunity, I asked him about how he goes about targeting the bigger fish.

Atcham 27-07-15 (11)

Huge chunks of meat flavoured with sausage sizzle on a size two was the answer and right on cue, the rod tip arched over and the centrepin sprung into life.

Atcham 27-07-15 (1)Atcham 27-07-15 (4)

The fish fought hard in the fast flow, but it wasn’t long before it was in the net. This was later followed by a mint condition 8lb barbel, again falling for the 1/3 tin of meat.

Atcham 27-07-15 (8)

After Lawrence had gone, Grazy stayed into the night to try and bag his own barbel and in his own words,

‘It was 1:15am and I thought time to quit so I returned to my swim and being a never say never sort of chap I cast the rod out and put it on the rest whilst I gathered my stuff together, a rapidly turning Mitchell Match gave the game away 15 minutes later and I was in, at first it came easily then when it close it bolted and what a scrap jag jag jag on the tip but on 10lb line straight through and a size 6 I was confident of getting in the net, 7.5lb it weighed and was now 1:40am so a very quick burst of 4 or 5 selfies on the timer which unfortunately had too much flash so it’s bounced off the fish a bit in the photos and it was back in the net for a rest, didn’t need one to be honest as it was kicking up a fuss so I let it go. 4am I climbed into bed and up again at 8am for work but thoroughly enjoyed the evening’

Atcham 27-07-15 (14)

Thanks to Grazy and Lawrence for sharing their session with the blog, to fish our stretches of the Severn, click on the link below for more info!