Lawrence and Grazy on the Severn

I had a trip down to the River Severn at Atcham recently and whilst wandering the banks, I stumbled across our very own Grazy Roberts accompanied by well known barbel angler, Lawrence Brakespear. Knowing of Lawrence’s success catching big Severn barbel and not one to miss an opportunity, I asked him about how he goes about targeting the bigger fish.

Atcham 27-07-15 (11)

Huge chunks of meat flavoured with sausage sizzle on a size two was the answer and right on cue, the rod tip arched over and the centrepin sprung into life.

Atcham 27-07-15 (1)Atcham 27-07-15 (4)

The fish fought hard in the fast flow, but it wasn’t long before it was in the net. This was later followed by a mint condition 8lb barbel, again falling for the 1/3 tin of meat.

Atcham 27-07-15 (8)

After Lawrence had gone, Grazy stayed into the night to try and bag his own barbel and in his own words,

‘It was 1:15am and I thought time to quit so I returned to my swim and being a never say never sort of chap I cast the rod out and put it on the rest whilst I gathered my stuff together, a rapidly turning Mitchell Match gave the game away 15 minutes later and I was in, at first it came easily then when it close it bolted and what a scrap jag jag jag on the tip but on 10lb line straight through and a size 6 I was confident of getting in the net, 7.5lb it weighed and was now 1:40am so a very quick burst of 4 or 5 selfies on the timer which unfortunately had too much flash so it’s bounced off the fish a bit in the photos and it was back in the net for a rest, didn’t need one to be honest as it was kicking up a fuss so I let it go. 4am I climbed into bed and up again at 8am for work but thoroughly enjoyed the evening’

Atcham 27-07-15 (14)

Thanks to Grazy and Lawrence for sharing their session with the blog, to fish our stretches of the Severn, click on the link below for more info!

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