January catch of the Month With Viking baits.


Well what can I say.  With January being what it is in fishing, the catch of the month entries reflect most of our own personal results. Entries were very thin on the ground with just two for the whole month.

First up is a catch from a familiar face, Ian F.  Fishing in testing conditions on the Bridgewater canal, Ian adapted his fishing to suit the situation. Taking advice on set up from an experienced angling companion, Ian managed to drift a bait right the way down an unfished arm of the canal. As a result he had a take at approximately 130 yards. This fish really didn’t want to play ball and tried its best to get free by running under a number of boats before finally succumbing to the stronger will of Ian.  A well deserved capture and a very worthy entry into COTM.

Ian’s 13lb pike.


Next up is a cracking winter entry by Big Dave with what proved to be the best barbel from a pair he landed back on the 5th January from the river Dane. Dave targeted the River brutes using garlic meat, a bait which has a history of producing the results and luring the bigger fish! As Dave was fishing alone a shot on the mat was the best he could manage but by ensuring we can scale the size of the fish with his net in the frame its clear to see the fish in every ounce the 9lb reported. This capture is indeed due its just rewards on what I expect was a very challenging river on the day.



The winning entry for January is Big Dave with his 9lb river Dane Barbel. Your prize is 2.5kg of top class bait from out sponsors at Viking baits. Congratulation mate and well done from everyone at Lymm Anglers.

I would like to thank Mike at Viking baits for his continued support with the catch of the month competition. Without such support this addition bonus for Lymm angling club members simply wouldn’t exist.

You can find more information on Viking baits by checking out the VIKING BAITS WEBSITE (click on the text) and the Facebook page…FACEBOOK PAGE (please click on the text for the link). I ask all members to have a look and like the page.


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