Monthly update and Catch of the month for February 2016

gear-viking-logoFebruary Catch of the month.

I will start with quickly boxing off the catch of the month for February. Something of a dire month for entries with just a single fish entered.  Member “MR ADAM” fished the clubs section of the bridgewater canal on a cold still day. He says that the conditions led him to believe the fish would be dormant on the bottom so started his session bouncing buldawg lures on the canal bed in a hope to lure a pike into striking. After a few hours with zero to show for his efforts he decided to switch his approach and clipped on his most outrageous jerkbait in his box. It proved to be a good move as his very first cast saw a pike follow his lure in. Over the next hour Adam landed 4 pike and had as many follows again. He mentioned that seeing a pike hit his jerkbait just inches below the surface in crystal clear water was a sight to behold.

Adams best fish of the day scraped 10lb


Adam wins 2.5kg of top class bait from our sponsor VIKING BAITS. At the time of writing this there are already a few decent entries for March, showing that the fish are waking up and starting to feed. Or maybe the fairer weather is drawing a few more anglers to the bank. Either way lets be sure to get plenty of entries in for catch of the month. Remember each submission will be judged on its individual merits, its not always the biggest fish that wins!

Don’t forget that all members get a discount from Viking baits so if your looking for top quality bait at realistic prices then have a look at the website or click HERE.



Moving on to other things now. This time of year is when the club runs its annual work parties and invites members to come and work on the waters to earn their overstamp. I am hearing that the number of attendees are down this year and work is slow going. Now I appreciate that everyone has very busy lives these days and time on the bank is getting hard to fit in let alone time to go and do work parties. But trust me when I say that everyone who attends gets far more out of them than an overstamp. Be it information and advice from other members or a sense of feeling proud of your efforts at the end of a day.  Everyone is always welcomed and no one is turned away so please consider attending one of the remaining dates for this year. (Saturday 9th April/Sunday 17th April.) Meet at whitley for 9am.

Some images of work completed on the recent work party held on lake lane.



Now a real positive to finish this piece on….

As part of a deal agreed with the owner of “lake lane” the club has taken on the rights to the third lake on the site. As its a new water there is work ahead for the fisheries team to stock this lake and tailor it to the needs of the club. As well  as this there has been another new water announced. A farm pool out in the Holmes Chapel countryside. More details to follow on the clubs forum.

This makes 4 new waters added to the clubs portfolio so far in 2016 and I feel there are more to come. A very well done to everybody involved!!


Tight lines.



Lymm Angling Club Junior Academy

Academy Curriculum

Alex's first fish during the Lymm AC Juniors Academy

Alex’s first fish during the Lymm AC Juniors Academy

Lymm Angling Club offer a four-session, intensive “Introduction to Angling” course. This guide outlines the areas of coaching that will be provided and the learning objectives for those who attend. Catering for ages 8-16 years.

All sessions are two hours in length. The coaching is fairly intensive and to assist with this goal there will be no more than 1 coach to 4 anglers. Each session builds on the knowledge gained from preceding sessions and in so doing provides a constructive learning experience for all young anglers who attend.

Although the course caters for beginners, anglers who have some fishing experience can attend too. If an angler has some basic angling knowledge, he/she can start at the most appropriate session rather than attending all sessions. Numbers can be limited and preference is given to those who attend previous sessions.

Session 1

This is for anglers with no angling experience.

Equipment provided at Start

  • · Full Whip Set-up Provided

Learning Objectives

  • · Feeding Techniques.
  • · Safe unhooking, landing and putting back fish.
  • · Plumbing depth, casting and identifying fish species

Session 2

This covers anglers with little angling experience.

Equipment provided at Start
  • · Partial Whip Set-up Provided
  • · Floats requiring weights added and hook tying.

Learning Objectives

  • Additional bait knowledge and preparation.
  • How to correctly ‘cock’ floats and tie hooks.

Session 3

This is for anglers with some angling experience.

Equipment provided at Start

  • Small Whip Set-up.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to correctly tie rigs, add correct amount of weight and tie hooks.
  • More bait knowledge and techniques.

Session 4

This is for anglers with reasonable angling experience.

Equipment provided at Start

  • No Set-Up Provided
  • Choice of Whip or Float Rod Fishing

Learning Outcomes

  • How to set up box, bait station, whip or waggler set-up.
  • How to cast accurately with a float rod, how to use a reel and land fish correctly using a float rod set up.

For the latest Junior Academy details and dates visit our website here.

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Junior Calendar


2016 Diary

Spring Series

Saturday March 19                 Academy Session 1 & Junior Match

Saturday April 2                      Academy Session 2 & Junior Match

Saturday April 16                    Academy Session 3 & Junior Match

Saturday April 30                    Academy Session 4 & Junior Match

Saturday May 14                     Junior Match

Saturday May 28                     Junior Match

External Matches

Saturday 11th June                   Dads & Lads Match – Partridge Lakes Fishery, Warrington

Saturday 25th June                 Angling Trust Cadet, Junior & Intermediate National Championships. Partridge Lakes Fishery, Warrington

Autumn Series

Saturday August 27                 Academy Session 1 & Junior Match

Saturday September 10          Academy Session 2 & Junior Match

Saturday September 24          Academy Session 3 & Junior Match

Saturday October 8                 Academy Session 4 & Junior Match

Saturday October 22               Junior Match

Saturday November 5             Junior Match

Lymm AC Juniors Start Times

Match                                      Draw 10:00 Fish 11:00 – 15:00

Academy                                Group 1 10:30 – 12:30

                                                Group 2 13:00 – 15:00