Its that time of year again.

It seems that the carp have decided the time is now and have begun the annual spawning. The club do their upmost to ensure this happens with as little added stress to the fish as possible and will close waters that appear to have the vast majority of carp spawning. As I type this Belmont estate, Wrinehill and Lymmvale are all closed. I expect others to follow in the coming days and weeks but as we all know this wont be for a prolonged period.  I advise anyone to check out the clubs home page on the website for up to date information on the situation.

You can visit this by clicking here.


****Please be aware that the planned catfish teach in will be held on Whitley pool this comming weekend 3-5th JUNE. The water will be closed to any member not fishing the event. With the carp seeming to be spawning on the vast majority of waters why not come down at 1500 on the saturday to learn about catfish rigs and tactics.****


Just before I end this very short piece I will share some very interesting news that has been whispered in my ear this morning….  A new club record common carp has been landed…  Its a stunner of a fish and more details will follow in the next piece.


Tight lines.

Catch of the month results and whats happening now.



Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting this piece out. A number of factors have held it up and I will ensure that this isn’t the case in the future.

C.O.T.M with Viking baits


We tried a new method for deciding the winner of the catch of the month for March and we will be sticking with this for the time being. The final three entries were all worthy winners but as with any competition there can be only one top place. After watching the voting develop over the week the final winner was forum member BIGFOOT.


“Last minute entry 16lb 2oz fully scaled mirror caught at lymmvale on 31st March at 6am on a cold morning! Lost a fish at 4am then a cast to showing fish produced another run within an hour!”


Congratulation to “BIGFOOT” on his winning fish and what a stunning specimen it is! He lands himself a bumper prize of 2.5kg of quality boilies from our sponsor viking baits.

As always I wish to extend an huge thank you to viking baits for their continued support of the catch of the month competition.  Visit their website by clicking HERE and find them on facebook by clicking this LINK.



What else has been going on…


Work is ongoing on the lake lane site. New pool has seen the last of the work complete and work has already begun on the adjacent Spring pool. The club has big plans for this site going forward and the reconstruction of the pegs is only the beginning.  Only a small number of volunteers complete this work and the will be ever thankful to them. If anyone wishes to offer their services then please get in touch with either the head of estates or the head waterkeeper, both have their numbers listed in your membership card.


Some of the examples of the work done so far..


Some recent catch news…

Viking baits team member  Nathan Whitehead is continuing what is proving to be an incredible 2016. Nathan has recently landed his 3rd 30lb+ fish of the year from Lymmvale.

Be it pure dedication or borderline insanity his continued pursuit of the vale carp is really paying dividends as these photos show.. “Sir I doth my cap to you and wont pretend to hide my intense jealousy”

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Despite all this carp action there is hope still for us predator anglers. The cats are beginning to wake up and even yours truly has managed to land a few in the last week or so.  Added to this I expect the eels will soon start to feature in the catch returns and with the calibre of eels anglers in the club I hope to have some picture for the next blog update.(no pressure Jason 😉 )


This bring me nicely onto the final point of this months blog.


We are holding our first ever catfish teach-in on whitley pool over the weekend 3-5th JUNE. This event is being supported by catfish pro and we plan on using the time to assess the catfish stocks of whitley pool. Fishing places are limited but a rig and tactics demo will take place in the compound at approx 15:00 on Saturday 4th. EVERYONE is welcome to attend and learn how to best target these awesome creatures.

See the clubs facebook page and forum for more details or call/text Dave  on 07967645332


That’s all for now…. tight lines, take care and be lucky.