Its that time of year again.

It seems that the carp have decided the time is now and have begun the annual spawning. The club do their upmost to ensure this happens with as little added stress to the fish as possible and will close waters that appear to have the vast majority of carp spawning. As I type this Belmont estate, Wrinehill and Lymmvale are all closed. I expect others to follow in the coming days and weeks but as we all know this wont be for a prolonged period.  I advise anyone to check out the clubs home page on the website for up to date information on the situation.

You can visit this by clicking here.


****Please be aware that the planned catfish teach in will be held on Whitley pool this comming weekend 3-5th JUNE. The water will be closed to any member not fishing the event. With the carp seeming to be spawning on the vast majority of waters why not come down at 1500 on the saturday to learn about catfish rigs and tactics.****


Just before I end this very short piece I will share some very interesting news that has been whispered in my ear this morning….  A new club record common carp has been landed…  Its a stunner of a fish and more details will follow in the next piece.


Tight lines.

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