About Grazy

I'm 40 something and rapidly approaching the big 50 but I'm also mad keen angler based in Liverpool. Rivers are my preferred mode of fishing but during the close season I can be found 'sulking' on a still water waiting for the magnificent Tench to take my bait and put a bend in the rod!!

New Catfish record at 70lb 2oz for Shaun Gough

The big Cats at Lymmvale are regular visitors to the bank in the warmer months and each year they seem to put on a few pounds. This season has been no exception and one lucky angler had a new club record and a 22lb and 50lb+ Catfish as backup in the same session, Shaun Gough takes up the story.Lymmvale 70lb 2oz Catfish #2

I arrived on vale Friday afternoon and settled in the Sleepers swim. After a lead around I put my right rod on a clear spot on the sand bar about 30 yards out and the left rod just off the tree to the left margin spodding pellet and boliie over both spots.

Around 7pm I had a take on the left rod. Feeling like a tench but surprised to see a common carp coming to my net of about a pound smallest I’ve seen in Lymmvale. Just before dark topped up spots with a few more spods of freebies.

About 2am Saturday morning the right rod was off. After a 10 min fight I had a 22lb Catfish in my net. Nothing else happened for the rest of the night and through Saturday. Kept on topping spots throughout the day then around 7pm I started getting liners on the right rod. Just before dark I decided to move the left rod out the margins and fish both on the sand bar. Topping up the swim with a the pellet and boilie I had left as I was planning to leave early morning. Then around midnight woke to 3 bleeps on the left rod. Climbing out my bag I watched the bobbin slowly settle back. Thinking another liner I was just about to climb back in the bag when it tore off a one toner bait runner screaming I lifting into it and flicked off the bait runner.

The clutch still screaming as it striped 30-40 yards then stopped. I knew I had a cat and I knew it could be a new PB as never felt power like that. After a half hour fight I slipped the net under it. Looking into net I though a new PB and got to be 30lb+.

Phoning my mate who was fishing near cabin. He came running around just as I was about to lift it out the water. I thought my net was stuck on bottom.  I tried to lift it, It’s heavy I said to Kieran as I carried to the mat it could go 40lb. Kieran lifted it as I looked at scales which settled on 50lb 11oz. Smashing my PB by 24lb 11oz.

Buzzing I couldn’t sleep after. I nodded off to sleep around 3:30am and was woke at around 4am to a screaming Delkim. Lifting into it I knew I was another cat, stripping line like nothing I’ve ever seen. It started kiting to left and was praying it would stop. There was an angler on the car park swim and was worried I was going to pick up his lines not fighting it I just kept a tight line and hoped it would go back into open water.

The fish was out at about 60 yards and my line was so close to the tree then it stopped kiting and headed back for open water. Once it was back into open water I started to gain line. Took about 20 mins to get my marker elastic on to reel knowing then it was at 30 yards. Then it was stale mate for about 10 mins just leaning back into it swapping arms as they felt like lead then it started moving again and I soon had it under my feet.

One last run saw it take out my left rod before I had its head in net. I was struggling to get it into my 42inch net but looking in I couldn’t believe my eyes!!

I phoned Kieran who came around to do the honours again. Lifting the scales to see error on reading 60lb the scales bottomed out fortunately Kieran brought his big scales and as we lifted it onto our shoulders I couldn’t believe my eyes 70lb 2oz what an unbelievable session I’d had.

The photos aren’t the best quality but as the BIG cat has just been banked again at the same weight so we know it was weighed correctly!!Lymmvale 70lb 2oz Catfish

If you’d like to fish for a Cheshire 70lb+ cat fish as well as many other fine specimens you can join Lymm AC online here.

Waters Closed or Access Restricted

Carp Spawning

Latest Update – Friday 13th July 2018

Waters closed due to spawning:

ALL RIVERS closed due to extended hot weather.






Previous Closure Notices – Members can assume that all the waters below are now OPEN unless otherwise stated in red above!!

Tuesday 16th June 2015



****Whitley Pool will be closed until further notice due to fish reported to be in a distressed state near the bottom end of the pool, the Head Waterkeeper has acted quickly and appropriate measures are in place to aid their recovery****


3rd October – Whitley pool has been closed until further notice. Low oxygen levels reported this morning saw a quick response from E.A and members. The matter is in hand and the water will be open as soon as possible…. but not before its ready!!

The River Severn at Atcham/Wroxeter will be closed this Saturday 16th August from 14:00 for a Barbel coaching event.

Slaters Pit has a surface weed that we are aware of and the Estates team are dealing with having cleared a significant amount today, the fish are not in any danger at present however if you fish the venue and find any fish in distress please contact the Head Water Keeper who’s contact number is in your membership book.

The weed covering the pool is known as Azolla, this is a fast growing Non Native Invasive species and the smallest piece, transferred to other waters can cause major problems, as such we are asking ALL members who fish this water to ensure that ALL tackle, that comes into contact with the weed, is allowed to completely dry and is checked for particles of the weed BEFORE the tackle is used on any other water.

Slaters Pit Weed

Whilst the photo’s show that not all of the weed has been removed please be reassured that a close eye will be kept on it and further removals will take place. Unfortunately there is no way to completely eradicate this highly virilant weed……please don’t be responsible for our other waters becoming infested.

5th December 2013

Serpentine Pool is still closed. Work on the pegs had started but due to amount of rain we’ve had recently the ground is too soft to drive on and take the necessary materials to the area.

5th October 2013

The River Severn at Rossall Grange will be closed whilst the road leading down to it is repaired.

Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Members are reminded that the River Severn at Atcham will be closed from midnight on Friday 4th October for the Barbel Fish-in which takes place on Saturday 5th October. The venue will reopen at 6am on Sunday 6th.

Members are reminded that the River Severn at Atcham will be closed from midnight on Friday 26th July for the Barbel Fish-in which takes place on Saturday 27th July. The venue will reopen at 6am on Sunday 28th.

Wednesday 24th July 2013

The club are pleased to announce that the River Bollin Tanyard Farm stretch has re-opened to members with immediate affect, a club lock has now been fitted to the main gate and members are reminded that this must be kept closed and locked at all times when entering or leaving the field. Parking has been agreed with the owner and members are allowed to drive down to the area before the road bridge when conditions allow but must not take their vehicles beyond this point at any time.

Estates have completed the stiles today, big thank you to PJW and John for their hard work. The owner has also requested that all members are informed that if they find the entry gate locked when they arrive then it must be locked when they’ve passed through it. The same goes for all the other gates…they must be closed once they have passed through them, thank you.

Thursday 11th July 2013

Wychwood TVThe Wroxeter stretch of the River Severn will be closed to anglers until 6pm on Friday 12th July. The fields to the left and right of the main car park will be open and have been producing barbel in numbers according to reports earlier tonight.

Also known as Poachers Field the length at Wroxeter will be host to Wychwood TV who are filming a river feature and looking to do battle with the local residents of barbel and chub who have gone to double figures in recent weeks, Lymm AC wish all concerned good luck and we look forward to seeing the production in the near future.

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

The Estates team will be carrying out tree lopping & tidying the far bank at NEW POOL next week from Monday 8th July, please avoid fishing the far bank during this time, the rest of New and Spring Pool will remain OPEN to members. Thank you.

Thursday 27th June 2013

It’s good news for Lymmvale regulars, the carp have finished spawning and the venue will re-open from 6pm on Friday 28th June. That means as of Friday 6pm all waters will be available to members and with the new season getting under way there’s never been a better time to hit the banks!!

Saturday 22nd June 2013

Chester Specimen Lake has re-opened from today however the carp in Lymmvale have started spawning this morning and therefore the Head Water keeper has closed Lymmvale.

Saturday 15th June 2013

The Head Water Keeper is pleased to announce that the Belmont Estate and Founders will re-open from 6am on Saturday 15th June. Thank you for your patients during the closure and enjoy your fishing.

Friday 14th June 2013

Chester Specimen Lake is closed as the carp have started spawning, thanks to Foggy for keeping an eye on the activity. The Bailiffs will continue to monitor the water on a daily basis and we will announce to the members when it re-opens.

Sunday 9th June 2013

Wrinehill Pool will re-open from 9am on Monday 10th June, thanks to all our members for being patient and monitoring the activity on a daily basis!! The Head Water Keeper will be assessing other waters and updates will be published as soon as we have them, tight lines for the new season.

This post will be updated frequently to keep members informed on waters affected by the weather and any spawning activity. The Head Water Keeper John Stubbs will (along with the water keeping teams) provide the information about activity on each water.

Only the waters listed below are affected at present so it’s reasonably safe to assume all other waters are open but you should always consult the specific waters notice board before starting fishing.

There are active posts on the subject on the forum at the moment but if you do have any information about spawning activity on our waters that would be useful for other members to know then please Contact Us.

Follow this Blog for emailed notification of updates.


Lymm AC Charity Tench Fish-In 29-05-15 (23)

Just a final update to thank all of you who supported the event at the weekend and our online auction ending tonight. It was without doubt the biggest and best event to date and has set a very high standard for the future.

As of Friday afternoon together we’ve raised over £3560 so with only a few hours left until the auction ends we’re not only going to hit our £4000 target we’ll smash it into next week!!

  • £1714 Auction Bids So Far
  • £1137 Just Giving Donations Includes £400 From Tench Fish-In Weekend
  • £355 Members £1 Donations
  • £355 Lymm AC’s Match for Above

The total funds raised will receive an additional £600 or more Gift Aid via the JustGiving page when all monies are collected and paid in which when all said and done is a superb effort from all concerned.

Please continue to use the links below to our JustGiving Page and auction to keep spreading the word amongst social media, family and friends, remember the auction ends at 8pm tonight!!. https://www.justgiving.com/LymmAnglingClub/ http://www.32auctions.com/CharityTenchFishIn Thank you again for your support of the event and donations for the auction. Next years event is yet to be finalised but all will be invited to return and do it all again!! On a personal note it’s been great to meet up and have a social with everyone and I’m looking forward to fishing some new rivers once the season gets underway. For next years event I’ll be taking a step back from the organising team and Bill has said he’ll be doing the same with regards to the catering and sourcing the auction lots as well as everything else as both jobs have proved challenging and exhausting to say the least however we’ll still participate and no doubt the event will be just as much fun to be part of and raise a few quid for next years charity which the membership will vote on and nominate at the AGM in October this year. In the meantime and on behalf of the organising team we wish you tight lines and bendy rods for the new season whatever you’re fishing for!! Best wishes, Grazy.

Below is some of the highlights of the weekend and if you’ve any other photo’s you’d like to share send them to me at grazyroberts@gmail.com and I’ll include some of them in the promo materials over the next week or so.

If Carlsberg made cakes!! Big thank you to Bruces Mum for making this amazing creation, shame to cut into it really but it tasted just as good as it looked!!

Winner of Best Overall Weight Any Species Malcolm Hough and deservedly so, what a session with no less than 9 tench to 7lb 2oz and a stunning Lymmvale mirror carp of 29lb 14oz giving ‘Huffy’ a number of new PB’s – well done mate on a session of lifetime!!

Huffys 29lb 14oz mirror carp so good he landed it twice!!

One of Huffy’s nine tench lovely conditioned Lymmvale warrior (the tench that is not Huffy!!)

Aaron picks up the award for biggest male tench at a respectable 6lb 6oz the biggest of 4 he had during the weekend. He’s also been unofficially awarded the most hollow legs award by Mr Last for the amount of breakfast barms and burgers consumed in a 36 hour period!!

The biggest female tench went to Bruce at 6lb 8oz a great effort rewarded after a weekend of focussing on his marginal swims and fending off the local coots!! 

Baz had a clonking session taking a respectable eight tench to 5lb 5oz and at one point getting his feet wet in the margins to rescue a tench that had tangled with the roots of a nearside bush.

Jerry Gleeson hadn’t fished a still water for nine years however his determination and happy go lucky attitude saw him land three tench to 6lb well done mate and not a bad début for an out and out barbel angler!! He was duly rewarded with a Lymm AC polo shirt collected on his behalf by Matt who said something about “He’ll be lucky to get this before Christmas” or words to that effect!!

Matt Marlow had fished Lymmvale many moons ago but chose a familiar swim to settle into a steady campaign and after some pearls of wisdom from Head Water Keeper John Stubbs targeted both carp and tench which paid off with this 23lb Cheshire beauty and a 4lb female tench. Well done and thank you for donating a £50 voucher for Heritage Custom Made Saddles and a membership for King Edward Angling Society which offer a private syndicate stretch on the river Goyt, it really is appreciated by us all.

Rob Hilton has become a seasoned campaigner on Lymmvale and chose the Sandbank peg along with his fishing partner Paul Fisk. They both got stuck into the fish and had a great weekend apart from some bloke in salopettes trying to get them to fish with cane rods and Mitchell 300 reels, he was escorted off their peg by security and didn’t bother them after that 🙂

What do points make? Prizes!! Many thanks to Paul Fisk for donating not one but two big bags of Fiskys Fantastic Feeders I’m sure Huffy will wrap them up for my Christmas present once he reads this!! Also thanks to Bill for the superb Tinca trophies and Phil for the Tench Fishers mugs.

The fifth Barbel Society guest Bobby Baker drove all the way from Scotland after a weeks Salmon fishing to his home near Welshpool then all the way up to Lymmvale arriving early on the Saturday morning. After choosing a swim on the west bank he float fished and ledgered in the margins taking 3 tench to 4lb 12oz.

The remaining anglers were all winners in my book and most had a tale or two to tell at brew breaks and the BBQ. Everyone managed to catch apart from me but in my defence your honour I wasn’t there to fish and apart from sticking a rod out for the big cat on Saturday night spent most of my time having a gab to the lads and helping out a brew time (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!)

I did, however, managed a couple of hours on the stock pond with my old mate Penno once all the proceedings were done and dusted and at least I managed a roach or two – “Grazy never known to blank!!”

The venue was stunning, the fishing was on form but I couldn’t end this write up without thanking my good friend Mr Bill Last for the superb food that just kept coming and coming until we waddled back to our swims for a quick lie down!! It’s without doubt the most successful fund raiser yet and that is due to Bill’s shear enthusiasm and determination to reach our target, floppy hats off to ya mate you’re a star.

That’s it from me apart from saying a BIG THANK YOU again for all your support and donnations, please have one last push this afternoon and tonight on sharing the links, the auction ends at 8pm Friday evening!!

All the best, Grazy. https://www.justgiving.com/LymmAnglingClub/ http://www.32auctions.com/CharityTenchFishIn

Lymm AC announce access to three established pools at Manley Old Hall Fishery

The club are pleased to announce three new waters on the Manley Old Hall Fishery. We have shared access to the pools commencing 1st June, fishing from 7.00am till 9.00pm summer months then 7.00am till dusk winter. No night fishing allowed.

Although Manley Old Hall is run as a commercial fishery the waters have a more natural feel to them and are situated in picturesque Cheshire countryside, the only thing in common with your normal commercial set-up is the fish stocks. All three pools have mixed species with carp, tench, crucians, roach, rudd, bream, and perch in all three pools with the added bonus of chub in Cherry Pool. Each pool houses some surprises with the odd 20lb carp present.

There is good access to the waters with several areas were parking behind the pegs is allowed.

The top pool is called Black Poplars, this water is 200 years old and originally a house stood were the pool is now situated. This is the shallowest of the three pools with the average depth 4′ 6″ and has 26 pegs. There is a large head of tench and crucian carp plus plenty of silver fish and is also home to the fisheries biggest known carp.

Manley Old Hall Fishery Black Poplars 002

Manley Old Hall Fishery Black Poplars 001Cherry Pool is the middle water and also the largest and deepest with depths up to 8′. This pool again has 26 pegs and is heavily stocked with mixed species and also holds the largest head of carp. This is a ideal match water and the club is allowed to hold matches on all the waters with a additional £5.00 pegging fee.

Manley Old Hall Fishery Cherry 001 Manley Old Hall Fishery Cherry 002

The bottom pool Silver Birch is a long canal shape water which is something of a unknown quantity as this water has rarely been fished and is rumoured to hold some big carp. At present there are no man made pegs and fishing is on the bank along the track. This water again has descent depths with 6′ – 7′ in places, with 12m across to the far bank.

Manley Old Hall Fishery Silver Birch 001

The fishery rules are situated on the notice board, it is the responsibility of all members to familiarise themselves with the rules below which will be added to the water specific rules in the clubs map book shortly.

Manley Old Hall Fishery Rules

  • No spectators
  • No children under the age of 14 years to be left unsupervised at any time
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Landing nets must be used on all fish
  • Minimum ground bait
  • No bloodworm or joker
  • No nuts or dairy products
  • No keepnets to be used (except during matches)
  • No floating baits
  • Bivvies to the right hand side only
  • Litter to be placed in the bins provided or taken home with you
  • Under no circumstances should any fish be harmed or taken from the fishery anyone seen doing this will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
  • We reserve the right to eject any person not abiding by these rules

Fishery address and directions

Manley Old Hall Fishery
Sugar Lane
Billy Bristow 07986339955

Directions: M56 junction 14, take A5117 signposted Helsby.
Through traffic lights then first right Primrose Lane.
Up hill to T junction turn right Helsby Road.
To next T junction turn right Manley Road.
1.5 miles right turn at Manley village school (School Lane).
300 yards right Sugar lane.
200 yards fishery on right.

Map of Manley Old Hall

Lymm AC will continue to seek out new venues for it’s members and we hope the latest additions to our portfolio of waters will bring the angling pleasure that they undoubtedly promise!

If you are interested in joining Lymm AC, then all you need to do is simply visit our website at www.lymmanglersclub.com where you will find plenty of information, including a list of all our waters and, of course, details of how to join. We look forward to hearing from you!

Charity fund raising for Macmillan Cancer Support gets off to a great start!!

Facebook Lymmvale Tench Fish-In 26-04-14 08

Charity Fundraising For Macmillan Cancer Support – Update

Well a week after launching our auction and we’ve £813 bid already and thanks to those who’ve donated directly or paid their Tench Fish-In entry fees to our JustGiving page there’s another £470 making our total raised so far £1283, still along way off our target of £4000 so this is another call for everyone to dig deep and donate even a quid, it’s anonymous if you wish.

So go on let’s start ‘Giz a Quid’ week off amongst all our friends and family and share this link, it tells them all about our fund raising cause and has buttons to donate to the JustGiving site or view our auction.


We just added 2 new lots to the auction so first up is a cracking Starbaits Session Bedchair and Session Chair generously donated by club sponsors TASKERS ANGLING big THANKYOU to them and all our donors without whom we wouldn’t have 34 superb angling lots up for grabs.

Bedchair Combo

The second lot added tonight will tempt the old skool anglers, an exquisite set of handmade floats in a varnished wooden presentation box so get bidding or donate directly and thank you for your support!!

Floats & Float Box 2

Catch Of The Month September 2014



Welcome to Lymm Angling Clubs Catch of the Month Competition September 2014

The September 2014 Catch of the Month competition, with alternate monthly prizes provided by club sponsors, Viking Baits and Redeye Baits, saw a month of good catch reports submitted. It was a difficult decision but one entry stood out from the rest……..

Shirley Bloxham took a visit to Belmont Pool arriving around about 11.30 with her husband and proceeded to fish about 1:30pm. Using her own home made bollies with just half a dozen free offerings she patiently waited and about 4 pm the rod screamed off and the result was a 27lb mirror followed about an hour later with a 19lb mirror. It just goes to show it doesn’t matter whether your female or a golden oldie you can still catch the big ones.

Therefore it gives us great pleasure to announce Shirley Bloxham as the September winner of Catch of the Month and the Viking Baits prize, congratulations, Shirley on achieving a great result and on your own home made bollies.

Shirley with her 27lb Carp Belmont pool September 2014.

Shirley with her 27lb Carp Belmont pool September 2014.

Shirley with her 19lb Carp Belmont pool September 2014.

Shirley with her 19lb Carp Belmont pool September 2014.

If you would like details of our waters and how to join us, simply visit our website at www.lymmanglersclub.com

Had a catch worthy of entering our Catch of the Month competition? Simply send us the details by submitting a catch report form you can also enter by emailing us at pr@lymmanglersclub.com or simply adding the details to the COTM thread on the club forum.

Lymm AC Important announcement Chester Lakes complex

Chester Lakes – Pleasure Lakes

The club must regretfully inform members that with effect from 1st December 2014 they will no longer be able to fish the pleasure lakes at the Chester Lakes complex free of charge, members can however still fish the lakes providing they pay Chester Lakes directly and abide by the fishery rules. The following pools are classed as the pleasure lakes;

  • Dodleston
  • Eccleston
  • Aldford
  • Pulford
  • Wood Pool

The club have also withdrawn the subsidised River Weaver card and access to Slaters Pit for 2015, members wishing to continue fishing the River Weaver must join Rudheath Social Club directly, membership costs around £10 per year and more information is available here.

The nearest club venue for members who enjoy an active days pleasure or match fishing is The Lake of Tranquility a three acre spring fed stunning, natural looking match style lake with 40 pegs located in the heart of the Flintshire countryside in Leeswood near Mold.

Nestling in the heart of the Flintshire countryside is the Lake of Tranquility.

The smaller Horseshoe Lake is just that, a horseshoe shaped water, 16 metres at its widest point with the same depth features throughout and an ideal water for anglers to hone their match skills or simply spend a few action filled hours.

The Horseshoe - A 10 peg match lake with plenty to go at all day long!!

 Chester Lakes – Specimen Lake

bu9x_good_news_107650040And now for the good news, for the 5th year in succession Lymm AC have retained the sole fishing rights to the Chester Specimen Lake for 2015 and from the 1st December 2014 have dispensed with the 2 year rule to increase accessibility to this prolific water to all members. This will allow all current 2014 members and new 2015 members to fish the Specimen Lake irrespective of whether they have any endorsements or warning on their current membership card. It is hoped that this will encourage more members to use the water and the club have agreement to build a further 2 or 3 pegs on the roadside bank allowing up to 10 anglers. The club bailiffs will continue to monitor the Specimen Lake and will advise those new to the water on how to get the best from it.

To remind all members of the potential this water has the waters guide describes it as ‘This mature, six acre former syndicate water is located to the west of Chester. It is renowned locally for specimen carp, bream, tench and eels. Stock densities of each species are relatively low but this has led to the water providing some truly huge fish. There are a good number of 20lb+ carp along with a number of good 30’s. Tench to low double figures, bream thought to go up to mid-doubles and eels to 6lbs 8oz ensure it is not just specimen carp hunters that have something to go at here. The lake is located within the Chester Lakes fishing complex and members are welcome to use the excellent on-site café there along with the toilets and shower facilities’

Chester Specimen lake – club rules

Apart from dropping the 2 year endorsement free rule the only rule change effective from 1st December is that for all anglers the maximum stay is reduced from 72 to 48 hours in a 7 day period, usage of the water will be monitored by the arrival slips and the maximum stay period maybe reviewed by the club in the future. The following water specific rules apply at all times;

Fishing is available to existing and new members irrespective of any previous endorsements and/or rule infringements. (From 1st December 2014)

  • All members must book in and out of the site café
  • Maximum 2 rods
  • Maximum 48hr stay within a 7 day period
  • No juniors
  • No dogs
  • Gates open at 7am and are locked at 7pm, no entering or leaving the complex outside these times


Lymmvale charity Tench fish-in a big success

All reports suggest that a good time was had by all and thank-you’s go out to Phil Hatton for organising and overseeing the event, Bill Last (and Grazy Roberts) for keeping every one fed(up) and of course, to all those who took part in the event itself.


The fishing wasn’t anything to write home about, but a few fish were caught and as can be seen in the attached pics (pics courtesy of Club President, John Prescott) various people were recipients of prizes at the end of the weekend, including:

Malcolm Hough for the biggest tench.

Steve Holland for the smallest tench.

Biggest fish prize (any species) went to full-time carp angler, Cliff Taylor.

Paul Fisk received the Presidents award.

Phil Hatton for most fish caught.

Ash ‘The Hoff’ Davidson for his duck rescue.

Well done guys, glad to hear everybody enjoyed themselves!


10294306_682787285120713_8268144224016725345_n 10258884_682788341787274_8986667069811046920_n 10157330_682787235120718_778865135719274174_n 10153279_682787805120661_6712125989800610206_n 1613911_682787348454040_6651064414743241303_n 10171846_682787921787316_6869979653430400376_n

However, the biggest ‘thank you’ of all goes out to every single one of you that kindly donated to this years fish-in chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. As a result of your generosity, we are not far shy of our intended target of £2,000, a fantastic effort and each and every one of you can be justifiably proud of yourselves, thank you!


As well as the fish-in, we also had the ‘charity auction’ that ended on Friday night. I’m pleased to say that every ‘lot’ sold and this obviously helped swell the charity coffers, again thank you to all who placed bids. Can I just remind anyone that placed a ‘winning’ bid, that you need to get details on how to pay which you can do by sending an email to admin@lymmanglersclub.com

If you have already paid – thank you!