Catch of the Month update and what’s happening now.

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Right… well despite the lack of reports there has been plenty going on behind the scenes with the COTM team. Despite already being well into December I will be announcing the results for Septembers catch of the month sponsored by viking baits a little further on, but first I want to inform you all of a change to the competition for the short term.

Winter is always a trying time when it comes to fishing. Its often far too cosy in the arm chair with the fire roaring away to bother wrapping up warm and braving the elements. Even those of us who love our winter fishing can sometimes find the going pretty hard and can regularly be found questioning our own sanity. However there are still fish to be caught and if you catch the favourable conditions then it can be a very rewarding time.

However, winter entries for COTM over the passed few years have been poor.  I have deliberately waited until now to post this in order to see how the 2016-2017 winter was going and with only one entry for October and one entry for November the usual trend is continuing. With this lack of entries there is simply no competition and as such the decision has been made to change how we will run it.

For the period October 2016 through to February 2017 there will be ONE single CATCH OF THE WINTER competition. Entries will still need to be made monthly through the usual channels with the same details to support the picture.  There will be a bumper prize from out sponsor VIKING BAITS in the form of 10kg of their top class boilies for the coming season.    So as they say, “you have to be in it to win it” get out there and make it happen.


Septembers COTM with Viking baits.

SWANKBALDRIK1 was the first entry and says it all here in his own words.

Well ive been river fishing for the past 3 years with mixed success had many barbel from atcham but craved a big barbel so last year spent most of the summer at Rossall were i cought big barbel but could not get a double biggest i got was 9.12 oz with many 8lb fish then the double became an obsession with many nights down the a5 and at £20 round trip in fuel a costly one 

on my third year after hearing reports of multiple captures with doubles thown in at atcham spent multiple weekends down there with lots of barbel in the net still could not catch that double and last weekend was no different with good fish to 8.8lb 

then i see phil ocallaghan who tells me lots of big fish being lost at rossall by multiple anglers i was thinking of a trip there next time and with my van costing me £400 for a new clutch and my misses getting a shift change so i can go the river whenever i like and with the river looking perfect dropping and like bisto I decided to drive down to Rossall on monday night it was sweltering hot and nobody there so jumped in my favourite swim thats hush hush im afraid but what a night started with 6lb barbel then 7.13 then a 4.11 chub snd then my rod nearly got dragged in and I nearly thew my phone in river trying to catch it when I finally stopped it i knew it was big slow side to side motion and a good scrap with multiple runs it was mine and it felt big and weighed in at 10.1oz i was buzzing think it may even be the same fish i cought last year at 9.12  i then had another huge chub at 4.15oz and another barbel at 6.8 and a 3 lb chub was well worth the £60 i spent in fuel in ten days and i want to thank phil for inspiration to get back to rossall yer boy double barbell”



Next up is MRRUSS73 and again his own words say it best.

“best days fishing ever.

Went to Atcham, river on the rise, bright sunny afternoon. The river is in good health (top tip-If you have groundbait on your hands just let the fry deal with it, see pic). As it wasn’t the best tried all sorts of hooklengths and bait, worms, bread, pellets to corn . Resigned to wait for the dark , right up till my rod decided to by pass the clutch and launch itself off rest, just grabbed the butt in time. After a 15 minute fight with a dead wait (prob weed), that ran a couple of times as it approached net. With an aching arm I landed fish and let it rest in flow. When I weighed it I had to take pic of scales, as my eyes aren’t what they were, looked at pic and saw a 5 and a bit, thought it was bigger than that, No it cant be can it, it is, its kilos  a 10 1/2 lb Barbel, cue stupid grin and embarrassing bank side jig..  My first double figure Barbel, my Dad will be smiling down on that one.

I was then treated to an amazing sunset (pic) Does it get better than that . . . . . . . .

Yes. . . Yes it does

Had 2 more Barbel, 6 1/2 lb and 8 lb. Happy Days.

I had been distracted and not noticed the river had come up exponentially and my chair and rod bag were in water so took one rod down While I was putting away had another run dead weight again, still a dead weight, this must be weed or a tree, no this tree has woke up and off it goes, halfway in and it was off again, and again and again, couldn’t do anything, after 4 or 5 runs managed to get to net only for it to get an email sending it to coalbrookdale, nearly got down to backing on spool. Feeling cramp in places I didn’t know existed I eventually got my quarry in the net , big rest for both of us. Apologies for final pics as any further back and I would have been very wet indeed and on my way to Coalbrookdale .

The scales read 5.66 – 0.4 for landing net that makes 11.5 lb woo hoo.

All fish fell to full or half meatballs in gravy (gravy in GBait)

Best Day Ever

I would just like to thank The River Severn, Lymm anglers and the bailiff who gave me tips on peg a couple of weeks ago and my Dad, Cheers Dad for patiently teaching me how to fish the Severn all those years ago.

Tight Lines Everybody

Still grinning like an idiot”

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However the winner for the month was ROSSGP with this awesome chance capture.

“I’ll make a late entry, my best catch so far this season.

A perch that went 3lb 14oz then 3lb 15oz on the scales, the net went 14oz so it’s a scraper 3lber.

Caught on a worm on the drop as I was tightening up the line.

Ive just got a mat shot on my phone and the pic doesn’t do it justice. My arl fella got a pic of me holding it up but as it was hot Chris the owner wanted the fish returned ASAP, which I duly obliged. He reckons it wasn’t a 3 and me dad’s scales are out haha.

Lake of tranquility was the venue”



Congratulations to Ross on a fantastic perch and it goes to show that anyone can land a fish that bags them the big prize.  He nets 2.5kg of top quality baits from our sponsors VIKING BAITS.

Again I must thank Mike at Viking baits for his continued support with the CATCH OF THE MONTH competition and I am absolutely thrilled to announce this support will continue for 2017.

Please visit the VIKING BAITS website by clicking on the highlighted text of by going to You can also find them on FACEBOOK.


gear-viking-logo   gear-viking-logo   gear-viking-logo

I am also very please to announce a second sponsor has joined the COTM team. Stoke Leads have been offering their range  for a number of years now and their quality is second to none.


Stoke leads operate from a very busy Facebook page where a number of their products can be view along with a full price list. You can access this by clicking here STOKE LEADS or by speaking to the boss man directly on 07881817617.

I would like to welcome KEV to the team and thank him for his support going forward.



What else has been happening then…


Work has been done recently at Grimsditch to combat the issues that we have on the water. It seems that we have been loosing stock to the dreaded black plague. The club has taken the decision to do everything possible to prevent this going forward and Saturday just gone saw a team of dedicated members and officials set out to start this. Sample nettings were taken to learn the extent of the damage. A small number of remaining common carp were rehomed in line with the official policy for the water.( I must stress that this was done with the consent of the E.A as is always the case with the Lymm netting team).  A number of fish refuges were constructed and the following day a stocking of pure crucian carp and tench were restocked.

Its that time of year when the clubs netting team are very busy and the estates team are planning the work parties for the new year. If your able to lend a hand and get involved then please get in touch. Many hands make light work and on a cold winters day every bit of help is highly appreciated.

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Having had a walk round recently its safe to say there is plenty of water to go at. At 60 acres it does leave you that feeling that anything could be swimming in there. Talk of double figure tench and bream, 20lb pike,4lb perch,30lb carp, big eels and even catfish have found their way through to my ears. At the time of writing I don’t believe anyone has yet unlocked the code to landing a fish but the conditions have been far from ideal. Pike and a number of carp have been seen, as has a huge shoal of perch. Its a beautiful water to spend a day on as the pictures below show. A visit just to walk the bank isn’t a wasted trip. Hopefully next time I can report something special!

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One final note…

Its sad to say that there have been a number of reported incidents of littering recently. This is not acceptable in any instance and any members found to be leaving litter will find themselves in front of the committee and face loosing their card. Its rude, ignorant and shows a complete disregard for the water, the environment, the sport, the other members and the club!   Please be sure to take your litter home.


For now I will leave it here…  there are other whispers coming my way regarding a few new topics but I will save them for next time. As it is, get wrapped up, keep warm and get out there.


Be lucky…Tight lines.


Catch of the Month and an update of what’s going on.


We will start as usual with the catch of the month, sponsored by Cheshire Particles. I have decided to change how the competition is voted for this month. All entries are submitted to small committee for consideration. Between them they have over 100 years of angling experience and are well versed in every discipline of the sport. I have done this to ensure that each catch is judged fairly on its particular merits.

August is always a bit hit and miss with regards to results on the bank. High pressure and high temps can sometimes make it slow going. But if you find yourself fishing when that weather changes the rewards can be out of this world.

In his own words the first entry from AL Green:

I Did 48hrs on lymmvale last week , in extremely wet and blustery conditions with a cold NW blowing I Had a great session overall finishing up with 23 tench each and everyone between 5-7Lb and 4 Carp between 15 & 21lb. The fish I’m entering although it wasn’t the biggest of the bunch by any stretch , it was probably the prettiest carp I’ve ever had the pleasure of landing and a credit to the quality of fish in the vale. Sometimes size is simply irrelevant and this was one of those , Just a beautiful dark big scaled slate grey mirror.


The second entry  this month and the first of three Barbel comes from John Hunsley.

9lb 13oz from Poachers field – Wroxeter on the evening of 21st August. it was caught on a rising river on a 12mm Krill dumb-bell fished on the inside line about 2 rod lengths out.


Third entry is another Severn Barbel.

Forum member Edward caught this barbel at Atcham. At 9lb 14oz caught on the 13th of August on double pellet it was the second fish of the evening and is reported to have put up on hell of a fight.


The 4th and final entry was from  junior member  James O’connor submitted by his dad. a 6lb 4oz Barbel taken from the lake of tranquillity.  The proud fathers words:

It gave the 10 yr old a fantastic scrap on his little 6 ft float rod , but with the clutch set right n some Words of wisdom from his fishing coach ( cough ,cough ) after  a battle of a good 10 minutes he slipped it in the net . Good old worm was the bait , the smile says it all and a fish he won’t forget in a hurry ( 3 days on , he’s still telling me his arms aching ) Anyone who’s fished this water will tell you how hard these fish fight , once hooked they just refuse to surface.


There can be only a single winner and for the month of August this is…… AL GREEN.

I know that the prize goes to AL not just for the capture of his carp, but for the total catch of his session. The committee wish to remind people that each entry is indeed measured on its individual merits. Its not always going to be the biggest fish that wins the prize.

Well done AL, it was indeed an amazing haul of fish that is more than worthy of the top prize. I must that all of the entries for catch of the month and remind you all that you need only to be in it to stand a chance of winning it.

It goes with out saying that out sponsors Viking baits are doing us proud by continuing to support the competition so our thanks as always go out to them. I personally have just returned from a weeks fishing in France where their baits helped me put together a very decent result in difficult conditions.

What else is happening….

CATCHPENNY POOL is open for angling.

The lake has been open for about a fortnight and early reports are very positive. Good numbers of fish have been banked. They appear to be around mid doubles but at the time of writing I know of 3 different 20lb plus fish.  Please make yourself aware of the water specific rules for this venue before venturing onto the banks.

One of the bigger fish landed so far…


Yet another new water.

I am sure you are aware already the club recently announced its acquisition of another new water, Nunnsmere in the heart of Cheshire. This water has seen very little in the form of angling pressure due to it being something of a private no access site. Stories abound of what is in there, massive pike, huge carp, giant perch and god alone knows what else. Evidence of any of these super fish has yet to surface but we can all day dream about the possibilities whilst we wait for the club to finish any works required before its opened to fishing. Carp and pike have been witnessed by club officials doing their duties but with 60+ acres there are plenty places to hide. I must stress at this stage that there is STRICTLY NO ACCESS to the site until its opening is announced. But to wet your appetite here are a few pictures…


Thanks to mancman for the pictures.

So that’s just about all for now. We are entering a special time of the year for angling when the fish start to feed up for the coming cold periods. The leaves on the trees are signalling the changing of seasons and for an avid pike angler like me that means only one thing………. “Winter is coming!”

Tight lines, Be lucky!

The big one…(including COTM and new waters)

Well its been a while and I would love to say I have been so busy fishing that I haven’t found the time to update the blog. But sadly this isn’t so… work has had me on a different continent and I am struggling to add up the weeks since I last saw the bank…. However this is set end with a cheeky evening session tomorrow so fingers crossed I can winkle one out. Anyway, enough of that……Where shall I start????????





Its a double write up this time round with the results for both June and Julys COTM competitions. Its great to see so many entries coming through and a complete verity of species being entered. The voting system will be changed from August and a selected committee will be charged with picking the worthy winner each month.

June saw no shortage in entries for the competition and good range in species too. The bar was set very high from the get go and I felt this month would see a change in the trend of voting. As you can see some cracking fish were entered.

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 The clear winner in the end however was our first ever lady entry. Sian Lund-Smith with her roach-Bream hybrid from village pool took the prize from VIKING BAITS. A very well done and congratulations from us here at Lymm AC. We look forward to seeing the pictures of your catch using your new bait!!


July’s catch of the month saw the popularity of the competition continue as again a good number of quality fish entered. From the off I suspected this would be a difficult one to call with a few special fish in the mix for the prize.

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In the end there was one clear winner. BIGdave landed this stunning Mirror carp from lymvale. After a day with zero action this 20lb fully scaled mirror picked up his bloodworm boilie a little after midnight. A huge well done and congratulations on such a belting capture.



I would like to thank everyone who entered and everyone who voted in the recent months. Its safe to say the competition is growing and is welcomed and supported by the membership. A special thanks must go out to VIKING BAITS as without their continued support there would be no competition. I do have to say at this point that a number of the entries  from the last few months have come on their top quality HNV baits. To find out more click HERE or visit their facebook page by clicking the like below:






Not ONE but TWO new waters to announce…

The club have recently announced to acquisition of two new waters for its membership. The first is a new stretch of the mighty river Severn. Its actually the opposite bank to our existing section at Bicton. However I am lead to believe that access is much improved and it offers some lovely swims. Details below are lifted from the clubs webpage.

New stretch of the River Severn
The club are pleased to announce a new stretch of the River Severn at Montford Bridge is now available to members. The opposite bank to our Bicton stretch has not been fished for over 2 years but thanks to our local river bailiff team we have negotiated the fishing rights for our members making the River Severn & Canals membership even greater value at just £40 per year.

Access to the beat is via a small 3 car parking area that is no more than 20 yards from the river and it is then completely flat running to the downstream limit at the head of the island and the upperstream limit at the entrance to the campsite. This will no doubt appeal to the less able angler who wishes to park close to their peg and not have to trek across muddy fields to reach the river.Fish stocks will of course be the same as the opposite bank so anglers can expect very large chub and barbel, roach, perch, pike and dace are expected to be the main species for the coarse angler with grayling, trout and salmon providing sport for the game angler from the nearby River Perry which feeds into the lower limit of the Bicton stretch.

With a very famous downstream neighbour who’s ‘Passion for Angling’ is known throughout the angling world you’ll be fishing a very sought after stretch of water. The owner has agreed to partner with the club on the understanding that the members treat the venue with the utmost respect and work in harmony with the farm and its equestrian interests.

There are a few water specific rules that must be strictly adhered to at all times;

  • Gates must be left as per the gate specific signage.

  • Livestock have right of way.

  • Strictly no dogs.

  • Cars must be parked so as not to restrict access for tractors and farm machinery at all times. If the car park is full then members must not park their vehicles causing an obstruction and alternative parking must be found. Permission has been given to drop your fishing tackle off at the car park area then return your car to the over spill car park in the paddock at the top of the track.

  • No vehicles beyond the car park area.




Catchpenny Pool (announced by the fisheries manager)

I have today received communication from the owner that the club have acquired the lease to Catch Penny Pool at Lower Withington which is near to Jodrell Bank. I know in some quarters its been the worst kept secret but it has been a long time (3 months) dotting the eyes and crossing the Ts. I will in due course finalise with the owner when we will open to the membership but in the meantime there are to be no visits and no sightseeing while we put into place all the things that need to be done to get us to an opening date.

The pool is about 20 acres in area and slopes off to depths of 18 feet plus. Previously the pool was in the hands of Prince Albert specifically as a trout water until the present owner acquired ownership  about 3 years ago. It had been his intention to stock it and run it as a syndicate water and to this end some 300 Carp were put in the pool about 3years ago. Other than this stocking there will be a number of trout still there and those knowing the history will tell you that there are large Pike and some original large Carp. Over a couple of years I have kept in touch with the owner and we now have a lease for the next 5 years and hopefully beyond. I do know and have seen pictures of two Carp at 25lbs which have been out by the people who have been managing and feeding the stocks for him. The image can be found on Google Earth by putting in Catchpenny Pool , Lower Withington. We will give you a progress report as there are things put in place. It will of course have its own water specific rules and biodiversity will be high on the agenda with such a valuable commodity.

Pictures of the lake are difficult to come by but I managed to get a little glimpse using the internet. It looks to be a real natural gem!


Watch the club forum and facebook pages for further announcements.


So what else has been happening???


Aston pool has reopened. However only the pegs along the railway bank are to be fished. Its encouraged that members get on this water as it seems there are still a few fishing with out permits! The club are aware and will continue to monitor the situation.

The big girl has broke the 70lb barrier. As I am sure you have heard the big cat from lymmvale has been landed at a record weight. She pulled the scales round to a whopping 70lb 2oz… More details of this can be found by clicking the link below.

New Catfish record at 70lb 2oz for Shaun Gough

untitled cat.png


So that’s about all for now, and as I am sat here sweltering I am thinking that it wont be too long before we are complaining about it being wet old and windy. So make the most of the warm sunny weather whilst its here….get out on the bank… be lucky and enjoy it.

Tight lines.




Its that time of year again.

It seems that the carp have decided the time is now and have begun the annual spawning. The club do their upmost to ensure this happens with as little added stress to the fish as possible and will close waters that appear to have the vast majority of carp spawning. As I type this Belmont estate, Wrinehill and Lymmvale are all closed. I expect others to follow in the coming days and weeks but as we all know this wont be for a prolonged period.  I advise anyone to check out the clubs home page on the website for up to date information on the situation.

You can visit this by clicking here.


****Please be aware that the planned catfish teach in will be held on Whitley pool this comming weekend 3-5th JUNE. The water will be closed to any member not fishing the event. With the carp seeming to be spawning on the vast majority of waters why not come down at 1500 on the saturday to learn about catfish rigs and tactics.****


Just before I end this very short piece I will share some very interesting news that has been whispered in my ear this morning….  A new club record common carp has been landed…  Its a stunner of a fish and more details will follow in the next piece.


Tight lines.

Catch of the month results and whats happening now.



Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting this piece out. A number of factors have held it up and I will ensure that this isn’t the case in the future.

C.O.T.M with Viking baits


We tried a new method for deciding the winner of the catch of the month for March and we will be sticking with this for the time being. The final three entries were all worthy winners but as with any competition there can be only one top place. After watching the voting develop over the week the final winner was forum member BIGFOOT.


“Last minute entry 16lb 2oz fully scaled mirror caught at lymmvale on 31st March at 6am on a cold morning! Lost a fish at 4am then a cast to showing fish produced another run within an hour!”


Congratulation to “BIGFOOT” on his winning fish and what a stunning specimen it is! He lands himself a bumper prize of 2.5kg of quality boilies from our sponsor viking baits.

As always I wish to extend an huge thank you to viking baits for their continued support of the catch of the month competition.  Visit their website by clicking HERE and find them on facebook by clicking this LINK.



What else has been going on…


Work is ongoing on the lake lane site. New pool has seen the last of the work complete and work has already begun on the adjacent Spring pool. The club has big plans for this site going forward and the reconstruction of the pegs is only the beginning.  Only a small number of volunteers complete this work and the will be ever thankful to them. If anyone wishes to offer their services then please get in touch with either the head of estates or the head waterkeeper, both have their numbers listed in your membership card.


Some of the examples of the work done so far..


Some recent catch news…

Viking baits team member  Nathan Whitehead is continuing what is proving to be an incredible 2016. Nathan has recently landed his 3rd 30lb+ fish of the year from Lymmvale.

Be it pure dedication or borderline insanity his continued pursuit of the vale carp is really paying dividends as these photos show.. “Sir I doth my cap to you and wont pretend to hide my intense jealousy”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Despite all this carp action there is hope still for us predator anglers. The cats are beginning to wake up and even yours truly has managed to land a few in the last week or so.  Added to this I expect the eels will soon start to feature in the catch returns and with the calibre of eels anglers in the club I hope to have some picture for the next blog update.(no pressure Jason 😉 )


This bring me nicely onto the final point of this months blog.


We are holding our first ever catfish teach-in on whitley pool over the weekend 3-5th JUNE. This event is being supported by catfish pro and we plan on using the time to assess the catfish stocks of whitley pool. Fishing places are limited but a rig and tactics demo will take place in the compound at approx 15:00 on Saturday 4th. EVERYONE is welcome to attend and learn how to best target these awesome creatures.

See the clubs facebook page and forum for more details or call/text Dave  on 07967645332


That’s all for now…. tight lines, take care and be lucky.

Monthly update and Catch of the month for February 2016

gear-viking-logoFebruary Catch of the month.

I will start with quickly boxing off the catch of the month for February. Something of a dire month for entries with just a single fish entered.  Member “MR ADAM” fished the clubs section of the bridgewater canal on a cold still day. He says that the conditions led him to believe the fish would be dormant on the bottom so started his session bouncing buldawg lures on the canal bed in a hope to lure a pike into striking. After a few hours with zero to show for his efforts he decided to switch his approach and clipped on his most outrageous jerkbait in his box. It proved to be a good move as his very first cast saw a pike follow his lure in. Over the next hour Adam landed 4 pike and had as many follows again. He mentioned that seeing a pike hit his jerkbait just inches below the surface in crystal clear water was a sight to behold.

Adams best fish of the day scraped 10lb


Adam wins 2.5kg of top class bait from our sponsor VIKING BAITS. At the time of writing this there are already a few decent entries for March, showing that the fish are waking up and starting to feed. Or maybe the fairer weather is drawing a few more anglers to the bank. Either way lets be sure to get plenty of entries in for catch of the month. Remember each submission will be judged on its individual merits, its not always the biggest fish that wins!

Don’t forget that all members get a discount from Viking baits so if your looking for top quality bait at realistic prices then have a look at the website or click HERE.



Moving on to other things now. This time of year is when the club runs its annual work parties and invites members to come and work on the waters to earn their overstamp. I am hearing that the number of attendees are down this year and work is slow going. Now I appreciate that everyone has very busy lives these days and time on the bank is getting hard to fit in let alone time to go and do work parties. But trust me when I say that everyone who attends gets far more out of them than an overstamp. Be it information and advice from other members or a sense of feeling proud of your efforts at the end of a day.  Everyone is always welcomed and no one is turned away so please consider attending one of the remaining dates for this year. (Saturday 9th April/Sunday 17th April.) Meet at whitley for 9am.

Some images of work completed on the recent work party held on lake lane.



Now a real positive to finish this piece on….

As part of a deal agreed with the owner of “lake lane” the club has taken on the rights to the third lake on the site. As its a new water there is work ahead for the fisheries team to stock this lake and tailor it to the needs of the club. As well  as this there has been another new water announced. A farm pool out in the Holmes Chapel countryside. More details to follow on the clubs forum.

This makes 4 new waters added to the clubs portfolio so far in 2016 and I feel there are more to come. A very well done to everybody involved!!


Tight lines.



New water aquired for Lymm A.C members.

Its my pleasure to announce the acquisition of yet another new water on behalf of Lymm angling club. The following was published by the fisheries manager on the clubs website yesterday;

I am pleased to announce that the club have obtained exclusive fishing rights  To Oasis Pool situated on the very popular Hampton Springs Fishery. This arrangement will commence  on the 1st  March 2016  and will facilitate free fishing to the member ONLY. There may be an odd occasion where this pool has been pre-booked in which case if that occurs Lymm members will have free fishing on one of the complex other pools. Members must familiarise themselves with the on site fishery rules and bait restrictions and MUST at all times follow any directions given by the owner  or his staff. There are sign directions to the pool on site as well as the usual catch box. The fishery has a very good up to date web site for those of you who want  to see what it is all about. I have known the owners for many years and I hope that this may be the start of a long arrangement . Please do not let your club down and enjoy the privilege!


The following is removed from Hampton springs website



For a more secluded and quiet situation it is worth trying this 15 peg, half acre lake set behind Alice Springs. It has a separate car park with close proximity to pegs. This is a good pole lake as every peg has an island to fish to at 12-15m. Stocked with generally smaller fish than some of the other more mature match lakes, this water is probably ideally suited for the beginner or as a match venue for some of the smaller angling clubs.

There is a good head of silver fish in this lake with plenty of skimmers, rudd and roach. Chub have also been stocked in large numbers with some up to 1.5lbs in weight. Mirror and common carp can reach up to 8lbs with the average in the region of 2-3lbs. Barbel to 5lbs, crucians to 1lb, green tench and some very nice golden tench are also stocked. Best baits are pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and because of the large numbers silver fish maggots, castors and worm.


The full address for the fishery is

Hampton Springs Fishery
Hampton Springs
Shay Lane
Hampton Malpas
SY14 8AD


This is a very good move for the club and credit needs to given to everyone involved in securing this water on behalf of the club. I trust the membership with appreciate the chance to fish such a well stocked rounded water.


PLEASE can all members be sure to familiarise their selves with the onsite rules as well as adhering to club rues when visiting this water.  Arrival slips and catch returns are also required.


Fishery Rules

It is the responsibility of all anglers to be aware of the fishery rules prior to fishing. Always check with the bailiff or member of staff if there are any doubts. These rules exist primarily to protect our fish stocks and to ensure the enjoyment of the fishery for all anglers.

  • Barbless hooks only, maximum hook size 10
  • No keep nets except during matches
  • No Groundbait
  • No Paste
  • No Surface baits
  • No Pet food
  • No Trout pellets
  • No Boilies, bloodworm, joker
  • No Peanuts and Tigernuts
  • Only coarse pellets purchased from Hampton Springs may be used
  • Chopped worm -one kilo limit
  • No braided line including hook link
  • Fishing only allowed off stands provided
  • Rods and equipment must not be left unattended
  • No radios to be played when fishing
  • No dogs allowed around the fishery at anytime
  • No children under 14 to be left unsupervised
  • All landing nets to be dipped in the disinfectant tanks prior to use (and keep nets if in fishing match)
  • No swimming
  • No stoves or cooking at fishery
  • Litter must be placed in the bins provided

The management will not be held responsible for the loss of tackle, personal injury or damage to cars and reserve the right to amend the rules at any given time.



So all that’s left to say is…. get out there and TIGHT LINES!  (from the 1st March)



January catch of the Month With Viking baits.


Well what can I say.  With January being what it is in fishing, the catch of the month entries reflect most of our own personal results. Entries were very thin on the ground with just two for the whole month.

First up is a catch from a familiar face, Ian F.  Fishing in testing conditions on the Bridgewater canal, Ian adapted his fishing to suit the situation. Taking advice on set up from an experienced angling companion, Ian managed to drift a bait right the way down an unfished arm of the canal. As a result he had a take at approximately 130 yards. This fish really didn’t want to play ball and tried its best to get free by running under a number of boats before finally succumbing to the stronger will of Ian.  A well deserved capture and a very worthy entry into COTM.

Ian’s 13lb pike.


Next up is a cracking winter entry by Big Dave with what proved to be the best barbel from a pair he landed back on the 5th January from the river Dane. Dave targeted the River brutes using garlic meat, a bait which has a history of producing the results and luring the bigger fish! As Dave was fishing alone a shot on the mat was the best he could manage but by ensuring we can scale the size of the fish with his net in the frame its clear to see the fish in every ounce the 9lb reported. This capture is indeed due its just rewards on what I expect was a very challenging river on the day.



The winning entry for January is Big Dave with his 9lb river Dane Barbel. Your prize is 2.5kg of top class bait from out sponsors at Viking baits. Congratulation mate and well done from everyone at Lymm Anglers.

I would like to thank Mike at Viking baits for his continued support with the catch of the month competition. Without such support this addition bonus for Lymm angling club members simply wouldn’t exist.

You can find more information on Viking baits by checking out the VIKING BAITS WEBSITE (click on the text) and the Facebook page…FACEBOOK PAGE (please click on the text for the link). I ask all members to have a look and like the page.