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Viking Baits Catch Of The Month November 2015

An unusually mild November’s competition kicked off with a lovely 6.12lb male tench from the recently reopened Lymmvale courtesy of Mancman…


Plenty of carp also showed in this months competition, the best of which included Poolie’s Shakerley Mere 20..


Bigfoot’s 18lb Lymmvale mirror…


The competitions first ruffe however was the clear winner…


…Until Huffy visited the flooded river Severn stretch at Rossall and had a great session.

The session kicked off with the golf ball sized piece of garlic spam being taken by a respectable barbel of 8lb 10oz, then after many years of trying for a double figure barbel, Malc finally caught his new PB of 11lb exactly, with thanks going to the Welsh Wizard that is Bruce for the photos.


Very well done to Malc who picks up a big bag of boilies from Mike at Viking Baits https://www.facebook.com/VikingBaits/?fref=ts

To join Lymm AC and fish for top specimens like Malc’s barbel, follow the link below!


Viking Baits Catch Of The Month October 2015

Welcome to the Lymm Anglers catch of the month competition, sponsored by Viking Baits. Entries for October were quite thin on the ground, perhaps with the nights drawing in and the weather turning chillier as we head towards winter, fewer anglers were out on the bank.

But for those who venture out, October can be a productive month, particularly for river species which often feed well during darkness. This was shown by river regular Paul Edwards as he landed a monster 12lb 4oz barbel from the river Severn at Atcham. A double figure barbel from any river is a good fish, for Atcham it is a rare specimen. Paul describes the capture…


When I arrived at the river I walked the stretch to see the conditions, what I saw was that she was in good shape with a bit of colour and the river was up about six inches from a few weeks ago when I was there last. I set up in the middle field in the first peg I think its called poachers and I started to put some hemp and pellets in the areas I was going to fish. I fed the swim for an hour then left it to settle while I had a bite to eat.

I made my first cast at about six o’ clock but it wasn’t until it got dark when I had the first fish, a chub of around three pounds. The rigs I was using were running groundbait feeder filled with pellets and plugged at both ends with groundbait and a pellet on one rod and a source boilie on the other. At about 10.30 pm I was rudely awakened by a screaming baitrunner and a very powerful fish was heading for Wroxeter, it fought like a demon and straight away I knew this was a big fish, the photo doesn’t do it justice (I really must work on my trophy photos ).At 12lb 4oz it is my PB for the Severn. I texted a few people to tell them the news. I stayed till midnight and I caught another barbel and two more chub.


A tremendous result for Paul and a worthy winner of a big bag of bait from Mike at https://www.facebook.com/VikingBaits

If you’re not already a member, why not check out the club website for more information on how to join us. http://lymmanglersclub.com/index.htm

Viking Baits Catch Of The Month Competition

The Lymm AC Catch of the Month competition, sponsored by Viking Baits, received some great entries for August.


This big roach for Finlay Fletcher, from Belmont pool, was the best of the rest and was just pushed out of the winning place by this carp caught by Josh Holden. Josh is a new member and this was his first session on a Lymm water and after a few years catching the usual silvers on the local canal this was his first carp. Caught on floating crust and put up a great scrap on his little six foot float rod, his smile says it all 7lb 2oz and a  memory for life.


Well done Josh, we’ll put you in touch with Mike at Viking Baits to collect your prize. http://www.vikingbaits.co.uk/Viking_Baits/Home.html

As for Septembers competition, plenty of nice carp were entered, with the best looking one here from forum user ‘Can’t catch em’.

Clearly he can!


But this month produce some belters for river regular and no stranger to landing the bigger specimens, Phil O’Callaghan.


1lb 7.5oz it weighed and it’s a good fish in anyone’s book, but that was well beaten by a new club record chub of 6lb 9oz. Top angling as usual Phil! I’ll give you Mike’s details to sort out your boilies. From personal experience, I can tell you the Viking Baits tigernut boilies are barbel magnets, so I would go for those!


Well done Phil!

To visit the Viking Baits site check out         http://www.vikingbaits.co.uk/Viking_Baits/Home.html                                                 You can also follow them on Facebook.                                               https://www.facebook.com/VikingBaits?fref=ts                                                                   To see more about Lymm Angling Club and for how to join, http://lymmanglersclub.com/index.htm                                                                                You can also follow the club on Facebook for all the latest news!

July Catch Of The Month Competition

The Lymm AC catch of the month competition for July was strong, the club’s premier specimen water, Lymmvale, not for the first time provides the goods for members with lake records and PBs being set. Our sponsor Viking Baits http://www.vikingbaits.co.uk/Viking_Baits/Home.html Once again provide a top quality prize for the winner.

But first. a round up of the best entries…


Alex Burgess had a session to remember on flagship water Lymmvale, with a brace of large carp and a cracking 10.08lb tench in the same session. Despite the fishing being hard this year on the Vale, the size of the fish has increased dramatically with several double figure tench being caught and a few 30lb+ carp.


Phil Craven had this Vale record 32.02lb mirror and a 25lb cat in one July session.

Vale cat 48.12 002

This very lucky noddy fluked another big Vale cat of 48lb on the cat slaying half tin of spam fished over pellet. A method which produces time and again for those prepared to put in the graft for these notoriously hard to catch fish.


And Chrisspen95 had two stunning Vale mirrors to 28lb during a 48hr weekend session.

However the winner this month is….. Big Dave Steen with a PB 10.06lb barbel from the prolific river Severn at Atcham. Venue regular Dave is no stranger to productive sessions on this prime stretch of river, but an Atcham double is a rare fish and certainly a well worth winner!

Dave has written an excellent report for the blog…

Decided it was time to have a run down to Atcham to take my son with me who had won a river card in the McMillan Charity Auction, plus it also gave me a chance to get the rods out   :cheezy:

First of all I had to take my son for the delights of a healthy gut buster at the Raven Cafe.

After being fed & watered we got under-way to arrive at the car park at 11am. I was surprised to find no cars in the car park. Got the gear out and yomped across the field to our chosen swim.

The first thing we noticed was how low the water was and how all the crowfoot weed was in flower, so I knew it was going to be a challenging day getting the feeders caught in the weed. We were also accompanied by the cows on our swim.


We made up the groundbait with fish-meal groundbait and halibut pellets, let it settle for 10 minutes and then got the rods set up, & started getting some feed out.

6 feeders full in the water (per instructions from Sir Cliff, a long time ago pmsl), we sat on it for 30-60 minutes while we had a brew & then got the hooklinks on with the bait, Sonubaits oozing halibut pellets on one rod & spicy sausage soaked spam on another.

Had a few tentative bites throughout the day but nothing substantial and all was slow, until 8pm when I had my first fish on the halibut pellet, a 6lb 4oz Barbel. Then soon after a 7lb 2oz on the Sausage Sizzle.

It then settled down for a while so we had another brew during which the downstream rod shot off & I struck into a nice fish & the battle began on my John Wilson rod.

10-15 action packed minutes later I managed to get this beauty on the bank. Gave me a great battle on such a light rod.


Visit http://lymmanglersclub.com/index.htm for more information on club waters and how to join, if not already a member.

http://www.vikingbaits.co.uk/Viking_Baits/Home.html Is the website of our sponsors Viking Baits. Or find them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VikingBaits?fref=ts

Lawrence and Grazy on the Severn

I had a trip down to the River Severn at Atcham recently and whilst wandering the banks, I stumbled across our very own Grazy Roberts accompanied by well known barbel angler, Lawrence Brakespear. Knowing of Lawrence’s success catching big Severn barbel and not one to miss an opportunity, I asked him about how he goes about targeting the bigger fish.

Atcham 27-07-15 (11)

Huge chunks of meat flavoured with sausage sizzle on a size two was the answer and right on cue, the rod tip arched over and the centrepin sprung into life.

Atcham 27-07-15 (1)Atcham 27-07-15 (4)

The fish fought hard in the fast flow, but it wasn’t long before it was in the net. This was later followed by a mint condition 8lb barbel, again falling for the 1/3 tin of meat.

Atcham 27-07-15 (8)

After Lawrence had gone, Grazy stayed into the night to try and bag his own barbel and in his own words,

‘It was 1:15am and I thought time to quit so I returned to my swim and being a never say never sort of chap I cast the rod out and put it on the rest whilst I gathered my stuff together, a rapidly turning Mitchell Match gave the game away 15 minutes later and I was in, at first it came easily then when it close it bolted and what a scrap jag jag jag on the tip but on 10lb line straight through and a size 6 I was confident of getting in the net, 7.5lb it weighed and was now 1:40am so a very quick burst of 4 or 5 selfies on the timer which unfortunately had too much flash so it’s bounced off the fish a bit in the photos and it was back in the net for a rest, didn’t need one to be honest as it was kicking up a fuss so I let it go. 4am I climbed into bed and up again at 8am for work but thoroughly enjoyed the evening’

Atcham 27-07-15 (14)

Thanks to Grazy and Lawrence for sharing their session with the blog, to fish our stretches of the Severn, click on the link below for more info!


River Severn Barbel Coaching Session

The annual Lymm AC barbel fish-in was held last week on the club’s stretch of the River Severn at Atcham. These sessions were started years ago by club legend Cliff Taylor, with the intention of introducing members to the wonderful world of barbel fishing.

This year, credit goes to Phil Hatton and coaches Big Dave and Paul Edwards for sparing their time to organise the event and giving the anglers the best chance of landing a barbel. Paul has kindly put together this report..


‘Hi lads a brilliant day was had by all who attended the barbel fish-in on Saturday,extra credits go to Dean (denzil) who made it late, but after what he’d been through getting to Atcham other people would have turned round and gone home (what a trooper!!).The day started off in the infamous raven for a healthy??? breakfast then on to Atcham where Big Dave, Phil H and me took the lads though the tackle and rigs that we use and most importantly the welfare and the safety of the fish and then the lads got split into two groups, some of the lads went into poachers and the rest went upstream into the next field where they started to put some bait into the areas they would be fishing.

Me, Phil, and Dave spent the afernoon walking up and down the river showing the lads what to look for when fishing the river like features to look for like weedbeds, deep holes, creases etc. We carried on baiting up till about six o’clock then we all went back to the car park for a brew up and cake (it wouldn’t be a fish-in without cake) then we all went back to the rods for the serious bertie bashing. One of the young lads, Alfie,was half asleep in his chair when his rod stearted to twitch and then his baitrunner started to give out line, he was on to it quickly to strike into the fish and Phil H did a brilliant job in coaching Alfie on how to play a barbel.


The look on his face when big Dave landed his first ever barbel was a picture, you couldn’t get the smile off his face, so we weighed the fish( 5lb 8oz) and i took some photos and the barbel was returned to the river and, no doubt, young Alfie will be giving his dad some earache about going fishing again.


Yours truly was fishing in my favourite peg on the stretch, anyone who knows me will know where i’m talking about and within ten minutes of casting my rigs in the baited areas, the downstream rod was off, the baitrunner was screaming for mercy when i struck into the fish and as i was playing it the other rod started twitching and developed into a run on the baitrunner, luckily the fish that i was playing got stuck in a weedbed so i put  the rod on the rest so the fish could free itself while i played the other barbel so i had two barbel in the net which happens very often at Atcham so because they were having it on my peg i went down to the others and asked if anyone wanted to sit in my peg for a few hours so they can get a few fish under their belt but no-one took me up on my offer. So it turned into a good night with, Denzil had two barbel.


I think Swifty had one i’m not sure about the others but i ended up having nine fish……7lb 8oz….9lb 10 oz…5lb 3oz…..4lb 5oz…6lb 2oz….4lb  ..5lb 12oz  all barbel and two chub…….3lb 6oz…..4lb 7oz


But the day belonged to Alfie…..congratulations and welcome to the river rats mate!

Thanks Paul for an excellent report and well done to you, Phil and Dave for converting another batch of anglers to the River Rats!

For more info on Lymm rivers, check out the website by following the link..



Ten pound tench from the Vale!

Lymm member Alex Burgess had a real session to remember recently on Lymmvale. Fishing over night, Alex landed two of the Vale’s stunning resident carp, a 26lb scaley mirror,


Which was joined by a 14lb common.


But as Alex was packing up around midday, a huge tench picked up his Birch baits SO1 wafter, which was fished with a solid PVA bag just ten yards out.


Well done Alex! A great session i’m sure you’ll agree. If you’re not already a member, click the link below to find out how to join us!


Catch Of The Month June 2015

With the long awaited summer weather finally upon us, June’s competition, sponsored by Viking Baits and Red Eye baits, has produced some tremendous specimens from club waters. The best of the bunch include a stunning PB mirror for club member Coxy12, from Wrinehill pool.


Forum member Gazzab123 had a great session on Serpentine pool, on the Belmont estate. The best of five carp was a PB 20.2lb common.


Next up, club ‘legend’, or should that be leg end… Billy Smith aka Smudge finally landed a 20lb+ carp and in his own modest words,

‘This one is bound to win. Finally caught a 20+ fish after not really trying to catch one for the last 40 odd years. 6lb line with a small ball of boiled paste meant for proper fish. (tench) 25lb and a few ounces. And because I’m the first to catch it, I’m giving it a name. It’s name is a carp. From the Vale’.


Billy’s first 20lb carp, from Lymmvale.

To complete the list of competitors, this is an 8.12lb tench, which Billy was hoping to catch, also from Lymmvale.

8.12 tench 008

But even with a strong line up, June’s Catch Of The Month prize was only heading in one direction and that was to Nick Lynes and his new club record capture of the Lymmvale ‘Big girl’ catfish. Fellow angler Neil Golden who witnessed the capture has produced what is an excellent report for the blog…

Firstly, a big apology to all members who had hoped to get on Chester’s Specimen lake on the 1st day of the season. Like most of us, the carp on Chester only spawn once a year so I had to give them their privacy and close the Lake. Thank you to all the lads who where on there and left without any complaints, it is really appreciated.

Anyway, as Chester was closed I joined the minority and planned an alternative lake for the first weekend of the season. After much deliberation I chose Lymm Vale. I even managed to get the Friday afternoon off work in the hope of beating the Friday rush to the lake. I rocked up just after 2pm and bumped into one of my regulars from Chester. He’d already spotted the fish so swim selection wasn’t difficult and I set up on the Boat House.
I expected the Vale to be busy as a few lakes where closed for spawning. I checked my watch at 5pm and was quite shocked that there were still plenty of pegs free. As such, I called my mate Nick and told him to come down to wet a line. Nick had planned to join Lymm Anglers for a while and wanted to fish Chester on the 1st day of the season. However, as I’d closed it for a few days Nick was going to wait till it was open again before arranging his membership. I explained to Nick that he could join online and as long as he could provide proof to the bailiffs he’d be fine. Nick arrived just after 7pm some 20 minutes after paying for his ticket. Regrettably, a few more people had turned up so the peg next to me was now taken. However, when Nick arrived we had a look round the lake and thought his best chance would be at the car park end of the lake.

Once Nick was set up I went round the lake to check tickets and to see how everyone was getting on. It transpired that the lads on the sand bank where leaving early in the morning and the lads next to me where swapping swims with them. This in return, would leave the two pegs on my left empty.  That evening I had a few Tench and the lad next to me landed a stunning Mirror.

The next morning around 5am the heavens opened so this delayed the peg move slightly however I managed to move and Nick joined me after the rain had settled. I explained to Nick that I’d had a cast around in both swims (while he was tucked up in his bivvy out of the rain) and found a few spots of interest. We were on the same bait so agreed to fish as a pair and maximise our chances by covering a reasonable area of the Lake.

It was a quiet afternoon with all the fish moving away from us and up towards the car park end (much to Nick’s frustration).  I explained to Nick that the reason for this was clearly because John Stubbs had the kettle on and was making bacon butties. In fact it wasn’t just the carp that ended up that end of the lake.  I also found myself up there choosing between red and brown sauce.

Now, I think this was the pivotal moment in mine and Nick’s session. Reason being, I told Nick that I was just going to see John for a catch up. However, I managed to devour two bacon butties (I chose brown sauce by the way) and two cups of coffee.

When I got back to the peg Nick, like any good fishing partner, was also in chef mode and had the bacon on the go. Regrettably, I had to decline the offer of a third bacon sandwich and made the excuse that I was changing some rigs round and I’d have one later. I really didn’t have the heart then to tell him I’d already had breakfast and I think this is when the carp gods looked down on me in disgust!

I attempted to hide my guilt by regularly making a cuppa but what happened next made it clear there was not getting away from my little secret and this reminded me that angling always finds a way to even things out.

We had just started to get some bait out when Nick’s right hand rod roared (and I mean roared) off with a one toner. This rod was only an under arm chuck away and I clocked the swirl from my peg. By the time I got over to Nick his was rod tip was no higher than his shoulders with the rod almost straight. As you can imagine, my first instinct was to ask ‘what you playing at noddy’ but it soon became apparent he was struggling to get the rod any higher. I helped him sort his clutch out and from then onwards it was all down to him. Nick had never caught a cat before and it was one species he was keen on avoiding. In fact I remember the time when the roles were reversed and once he netted it for me he was off!

The first time the cat came in close we knew it was the big girl and Nick looked far from impressed, but he soon zoned out again as it ripped of another 30 yards of line. The battle was epic and an experience that Nick will never forget. It was easily 20 plus minutes and we have most of it on film. All the commotion had alerted Jordan and Chris from the sand bank so they reeled in and came over. A huge thank you lads for your assistance as I don’t think we’d of managed without you.
Chris and I secured the massive predator in the sling while Jordan held the scales.  Meanwhile Nick didn’t know what to do with himself and who could blame him. He’d been a member just over 24hours and landed the biggest fish on the Lymm card.

The cat weighted in at 66lb 5oz a represents a new Lymm Vale lake record. Naturally I’ve told him it doesn’t count because we were after the carp, which technically means he blanked!

Joking aside, top angling Nick you deserved that buddy.


A worthy winner I’m sure you’ll agree and thanks to Neil for a great write up. To fish Lymmvale for the big cats and of course all our other waters too, check out the website by clicking on the link below!


Great start to the river season!

The first two weeks of the river season have passed and catch reports are coming in of multiple hits of barbel and chub, with the club’s stretches of the River Severn once again providing members with some cracking early season sport. After clearing some swims at Rossall with friend ‘Woody’ before opening day, club bailiff and river regular Phil O’Callaghan has fished the stretch with great results and has kindly produced this report for the blog..


The season started ok on Rossall, not a prolific water but one that holds some nice specimens .


Phil’s first double of the season.

In the first 10 days, it has turned up nine barbel and an impressive twenty four very nice chub over 5lb to only a handful of anglers and all but a couple of the fish being taken after dark.
A Rossall chub.
 If my observations were correct, spawning took place a couple of days before the season started whereas Paul wood observed spawning taking place on the Bicton water on the 21st ,I recall speaking to the farmer last year on the same date and he told me it was always after the season had started but I won’t get into that debate .
Phil with an Atcham barbel.
I have fished Poachers a couple of times and as with the upper river it is turning up some very nice chub, the Barbel fishing I have found to be a little slow . Anyway I consider my season to have started well only fishing in the evening into dark and only blanking once on Llandinio a notoriously hard water, one that will take a little learning. There are plenty of salmon in the system and like us praying for some rain I guess.
If you’re not already a member and fancy fishing our rivers for specimens like these, follow the link for more! http://lymmanglersclub.com/index.htm

Catch Of The Month Competition May 2015

May’s competition sponsored by Viking Baits and Red Eye Baits, was an easy decision for our judges. Huffy’s session on Lymmvale for the Macmillan charity tench fish-in was the clear winner. There were some impressive runners up though, with the pick of the bunch being a Bridgewater canal ‘twenty’ from Mike at Viking Baits.


But Malc’s memorable session won and he’s put together a great write up for the blog.

This is a date I always look forward to on my angling calendar, this year it was to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, a very worthy cause indeed. The banter and camaraderie on these fish-ins is second to none. When drawing for pegs I decided that ANY peg on the west bank would do me, the sole reason being that I did not want to spend the next 48 hours with the wind blowing in my kipper. (I like to fish in luxury and comfort in my old age). Luckily a west bank swim was available by the time my number came around and off I went.

Both rods were baited and cast towards the Sandbank swim, plan of attack was the right hand rod on maggot feeder/fake caster and left hand rod was method feeder and Viking Baits crab and plum 10mm boilies. About 25 mins in, the right hand rod was away and after a cracking battle a PB female Tench of 7lb 2oz lay in the net. Many thanks to Phil Hatton for the pictures.


About 40 mins later the right hand was away, which turned out to be a male tench of 6lb 2 quickly followed by two more small male tench to the method rod At this point it made sense to change the maggot feeder rod over to a method feeder and fish this one with a small tutti frutti dumbbell. The plan was working a treat as three more tench followed during the Saturday morning. The action slowed during the afternoon and we took a break for a barbeque.

After a scoff it was with renewed vigour that I went back to my swim keeping to the plan of both rods on method feeders as it had worked from the off on the Friday evening. About 45mins after casting both rods to the spots the right hand rod burst into life…..RIGHT….Now is the time to put my hands up and confess that the next 10-15 maybe more mins I fished like a complete Wally!! (As the spectators on the opposite bank will no doubt testify) what initially felt like a decent tench at first, started to bully ME! Taking on stronger runs and hugging bottom, this aint no tench I thought after it went on a searing run for freedom, it has to be a carp. Off it went crossing over my left hand rod, trying to gain line on the fish I managed to get the rod tip caught in the trees overhead, muttering profanities and trying to stay calm I somehow managed to free it only for the fish to kite over my rod to the right in a bid to reach Stubbsy’s hut!


After what seemed like an eternity I finally managed to net her. Bruce had come over to see what I had caught and by this point my legs really had turned to jelly. Prepping the mat, sling, scales and camera we both lifted her gently onto the mat. We had several attempts to weigh her with a steady hand and it was agreed upon that it was 29lb 14oz.  I even managed another two tench that evening, one of the being another PB male tench of exactly 7lb. A red letter day I will fondly remember.


Well done Malc! A great session and a great write up. June’s competition will have to be special to top that, you can enter via the members forum or on the club’s Facebook page.

If you’re interested in joining Lymm AC, click on the link below to visit our website.