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Lymm Angling Club add two new waters to their portfolio

The club are pleased to announce the acquisition of two new waters with a further stretch of the River Bollin and a well known and established pool near Crewe.

From the Saturday 6th of April 2013, Lymm AC members will have access to Bradeley Hall Pool near Crewe. This delightful water is stocked with Tench, Bream, Carp and Perch. The mature pool is approximately one and a half acres in size, and set in a secluded location between Haslington and Sydney, Crewe.

Bradeley Hall Pool

The water will continue to be used as a mixed fishery, and with some of the resident Carp growing to 16lb, it should provide Lymm’s members with a relaxing, yet entertaining days angling as it is situated in a rural location. A fishery management program will be put in place to further develop the fish stock making it an attractive option for members to drop in on for some action. Members will also be able to night fish the venue at no additional cost.


River Bollin Tanyard FarmFurther to this, from the 16th June, Lymm have acquired rights to yet another stretch of the famous River Bollin. Known as Tanyard Farm, the section has good access albeit with some inclines, and has the potential with work to have some excellent swims. It will provide sport from what is fast becoming recognised as a superb small river Barbel venue. As well as the Barbel, this stretch is thought to hold heads of Trout, both Brown and Rainbow, Chub, Dace and other silver species.

The Club are excited at the prospect of these two new additions to the already extensive list of Rivers, Canal and Still waters, and continue to hold it’s place as one of the premier angling clubs in the North-West.

Bridgewater Canal comes to Lymm Angling Club

Lymm Angling Club are pleased to announce they now hold the fishing rights to 4 ½  miles of the Bridgewater Canal from Waterloo Bridge in Runcorn Old Town to Crawley’s Bridge at Preston Brook marina.
From 1st March 2013 the clubs 1600 strong membership can enjoy this prime location which is regarded by many as one of the most prolific canal stretches for specimen-sized fish in the North West of England. The length has an excellent pedigree, having produced Carp over 30lbs, Pike to well over 20lbs, Bream over 8lbs, Tench over 8lbs and Perch over 3lbs, all backed by a good supply of Roach over the magical 2lb mark. Fishing to features, such as moored boats, bridges or lilly pads is the key to locating the fish here and it is very much worthwhile putting up with the boat traffic during the summer months as the disturbance caused rarely has any impact on feeding fish. Specimen hunters can roam along the length to hunt their quarry whilst pleasure and match anglers can build up swims slowly to attract the shoals of big Roach and Bream.

Neil Boaz Chairman and Fisheries Manager of Lymm Angling Club said “As well as securing these rights for our members, we are hoping to attract new members to the club Bridgewater Canal 072who have fished the canal over the years. We will have a vigorous bailiffing program with co-operation from the Environment Agency and local authorities to reduce anti-social behaviour around the canal.”

Match bookings are now being taken at £3 per peg, match sizes can be from 3 pegs up to 100-200 pegs so please contact the Club Secretary on 07930-390332 or email secretary@lymmanglersclub.com

Runcorn Angling Centre members will be permitted to fish until 31st March 2013 after which a Lymm AC membership permit will be required. There is a special Bridgewater Canal only permit available for £20 which is valid until 31st December and all memberships are available on-line via www.lymmanglersclub.com/joinus.htm

For further details please visit the club’s website at www.lymmanglersclub.com, we look forwarded to seeing you on the bank.

Woodside and Lymmvale Work Party, 24/02/2013

A fantastic turn out of 19 members assembled at Whitley Compound, Woodside was the main target, to re-dress steps, clean up pegs and stack cut down trees for processing through a wood chipper.


A fine day with cloud saw the work eagerly tackled, and once again yours truly donned a dry suit, my missus has now hinted that I do have a  thing for rubber .. However, removing two big snags made getting cold worth it. An old Milk kit and a huge underwater limb from a tree are no longer there, and the leads and hooks show that they have caught a few out!


Some of the steps, even though recently refurbished had suffered, so the arrival of some timber decking, kindly donated by Pete McQuillan and delivered by Dave Penny was in the nick of time. I shot off to Lymmvale to pick up a chainsaw whilst the lads grafted at Woodside.


At lymmvale I saw Tony Cliff toiling with a barrow, and realising we had some members spare, I delivered three to Tony to assist. I was gobsmacked at the work carried out on my return, the lads were waiting on me for more supplies, so a hasty run to the compound, drop a load of old wood and re-load back saw the steps take place..


Here are the pictures from around Woodside of the steps and pegs.











A huge thank you to all who attended, some have now completed their overstamp, and there are one or two who have done more hours than required, and have pledged to do more. If you have never joined on a work party, the craic and banter is superb, today was by far the most fun I have had, the insults and jokes were flowing none stop. Thanks to Shaun Roffey for his valued input on a water he cares passionately about, and also for him laughing his socks off at me whilst in the drysuit wielding a blunt chainsaw!


Here’s the Motley Crew at the end of the day,



Hope to see some more on the next one!




Micklewright’s Flash Re-Opens!

Sunday 24th of February sees the long awaited re-opening of Micklewrights Flash near Crewe. This water, which has SSSI ( Site of special scientific interest) status has been closed through flooding, caused by the torrential rain over the last few months.

micklewrights flash fishery

Watty’s release and Some Owl Pics!

Before the work party today, the important task of returning “Watty” the Buzzard back to his territory had to take place. My Brother Ian, and his understudy Phil had brought him back to the place he was found in distress, Founders pool.


Ian and Phil are part of North Wales Bird Trust http://www.northwalesbirdtrust.co.uk/ who uncannily share a tag line similar to Lymm AC!


Watty arrived after a weeks rest in Rawtenstall with Delwyn and Maxine, in our kids Skoda pick up… don’t ask! Here’s Phil taking Watty out of the back, you can see our kid, we share the same gut line!




We headed to an area where Watty could be released and have an immediate recollection of his territory




And Phil readied the door for release..












Watty was away and straight to the top of the tree Andy Buckley, Paul Wild and Andy Watson and I had found him in distress, result! He flew away, being mobbed by Crows and was back where he belonged.


I had asked our Ian to bring two of his display Owls with him, as some mebers had asked about identifying Tawny and barn Owls. Both the Owls here were found in distress, and Our Kid and The North Wales Bird Trust had taken them on and given them a new lease of life. The members here were amazed at just how calm and well behaved they were, say hello to Maxine the Tawny Owl, and Delwynn the Barn Owl.














Whitley and Village Work Parties!



After last weeks appaling weather, the beautiful sunshine we experienced today was wonderful. A super turn out saw over 20 Members take to Village and Whitley to complete what work was started last week. I’m going to call it “The Robin peg” for anyone who has fished Village of late, the pair of cheeky Robins readily take maggot or bread from right under your feet or siting in the bait box. This peg had submerged a little, and today was the day it was fixed, that and the peg to the right, opposite what is now jokingly called ” the amphitheatre!” Today it was manned by Chris, who posts on the forum as Calbod, lovely to meet you in person today pal, here’s a pic of Chris in deep concentration!



The work party on Village started by laying stone on the path roadside of the pool, walking to the steps, this was in preparation of fixing The Robin Peg which was looking tatty..


is the peg after sleepers were laid to stop the stone escaping, this is the sloppy stone being dug out.


Next door, preparation was being made for the peg and path to be re instated, and was going well.









The day wore on and the graft was going on until.. Robin peg was sort of finished and Guy was happy!




It wasn’t finished just yet Guy!


Next door, the path and steps were being relaid and peg was being “Boxed Off!”, Guy, Andy and others really having a go!








So all was looking good…


Over on Whitley, the catch box pegs near the Village end were getting a bit of TLC




Who’s the Tree Climber???



And compound peg was finished!




So today saw a lot of work, carried out by some now tired members, a huge thanks to all who attended and made a massive difference!







What a work party!

Sunday saw the first Lymm Angling Club work parties of 2013 take place at Whitley and Village Pool.

13 Hardy members braved the incessant rain to cut trees back, tend to pegs and fix fencelines.. The next work party takes place on 16th February, again it will be an 08:30 start at Whitley compound, many thanks to all those who attended today and your sterling hard work!


Yet more water secured for Lymm Angling Club members to enjoy!

Waterloo Bridge at the start of our 4.5 mile stretch of the Bridgewater Canal…

Club Chairman and Fisheries Manager Neil Boaz has just confirmed that Lymm AC has secured another prestigious stretch of Canal.

Lymm now has exclusive fishing rights over 4 1/2 miles of The Bridgewater Canal stretching from Waterloo Bridge in Runcorn Old Town to Cawleys Bridge at Preston Brook. There have been articles published in the national angling press prior to the official announcement, but Lymm AC would only comment when the water had been sealed officially.

Said Neil.. “As well as securing these rights for our members, we are hoping to attract new members to the club who have fished the canal over the years. We will have a vigorous bailiffing program installed from Monday 11th February when the waters come under our jurisdiction.”

“The Bridgey” as it is known locally is famous for its large Pike, shoals of large Bream and some surprisingly large Carp. There are other mixed fish in the canal, with Roach reported over 2lb, and Perch over 3lb. This is great news for Lymm AC, and a final quote from Neil.. ” It only remains for me to say, Enjoy it!”

The stretch finishes at Crawley's Bridge near Preston Brook marina.

The stretch finishes at Crawley’s Bridge near Preston Brook marina.

Winterley is go.. again!

Following recent bad weather hampering Lymm AC with it’s netting operation there, Club Chairman and fisheries Manager Neil Boaz has today called for members to assist the club on the 2nd and 3rd of February.

Meeting point will be Whitley Pool at 08:30 hrs on both days, the group will then depart and meet at Winterley.

Neil says “We will definitely require all hands on deck please. As I have said many times the window of opportunity is very short for the netting season.”

If you can help, please be at Whitley Compound at 08:30 prompt, equipped with wet weather gear and a packed lunch. Nettings are great fun, and you can get to meet and get to know fellow members as well as learn the skills that go with netting.

Lymm AC to be part of Northern Angling Show 2013

Nothern Show Advert

Andy Atack, Press and Public Relations officer for Lymm Angling Club has today confirmed that Lymm will have a presence at the 2013 Northern Angling Show.

The event will take place on 23rd/24th March at Event City, Trafford Centre, Manchester. The event is known as the biggest outside of London and the South East, and with a host of celebrity anglers, tackle suppliers and demonstrations.

We’d love to meet any of our members on the Lymm stand, and will keep you in touch via the club newsblog, facebook, twitter and forum feeds.