Catch of the Month and an update of what’s going on.


We will start as usual with the catch of the month, sponsored by viking baits. I have decided to change how the competition is voted for this month. All entries are submitted to small committee for consideration. Between them they have over 100years of angling experience and are well versed in every discipline of the sport. I have done this to ensure that each catch is judged fairly on its particular merits.

August is always a bit hit and miss with regards to results on the bank. High pressure and high temps can sometimes make it slow going. But if you find yourself fishing when that weather changes the rewards can be out of this world.

In his own words the first entry from AL Green:

I Did 48hrs on lymmvale last week , in extremely wet and blustery conditions with a cold NW blowing I Had a great session overall finishing up with 23 tench each and everyone between 5-7Lb and 4 Carp between 15 & 21lb. The fish I’m entering although it wasn’t the biggest of the bunch by any stretch , it was probably the prettiest carp I’ve ever had the pleasure of landing and a credit to the quality of fish in the vale. Sometimes size is simply irrelevant and this was one of those , Just a beautiful dark big scaled slate grey mirror.


The second entry  this month and the first of three Barbel comes from John Hunsley.

9lb 13oz from Poachers field – Wroxeter on the evening of 21st August. it was caught on a rising river on a 12mm Krill dumb-bell fished on the inside line about 2 rod lengths out.


Third entry is another Severn Barbel.

Forum member Edward caught this barbel at Atcham. At 9lb 14oz caught on the 13th of August on double pellet it was the second fish of the evening and is reported to have put up on hell of a fight.


The 4th and final entry was from  junior member  James O’connor submitted by his dad. a 6lb 4oz Barbel taken from the lake of tranquillity.  The proud fathers words:

It gave the 10 yr old a fantastic scrap on his little 6 ft float rod , but with the clutch set right n some Words of wisdom from his fishing coach ( cough ,cough ) after  a battle of a good 10 minutes he slipped it in the net . Good old worm was the bait , the smile says it all and a fish he won’t forget in a hurry ( 3 days on , he’s still telling me his arms aching ) Anyone who’s fished this water will tell you how hard these fish fight , once hooked they just refuse to surface.


There can be only a single winner and for the month of August this is…… AL GREEN.

I know that the prize goes to AL not just for the capture of his carp, but for the total catch of his session. The committee wish to remind people that each entry is indeed measured on its individual merits. Its not always going to be the biggest fish that wins the prize.

Well done AL, it was indeed an amazing haul of fish that is more than worthy of the top prize. I must that all of the entries for catch of the month and remind you all that you need only to be in it to stand a chance of winning it.

It goes with out saying that out sponsors Viking baits are doing us proud by continuing to support the competition so our thanks as always go out to them. I personally have just returned from a weeks fishing in France where their baits helped me put together a very decent result in difficult conditions. A brace of upper 30’s taken hours apart on the very popular ‘tigers mix’.  Visit their website by clicking here >> VIKING BAITS <<.


What else is happening….

CATCHPENNY POOL is open for angling.

The lake has been open for about a fortnight and early reports are very positive. Good numbers of fish have been banked. They appear to be around mid doubles but at the time of writing I know of 3 different 20lb plus fish.  Please make yourself aware of the water specific rules for this venue before venturing onto the banks.

One of the bigger fish landed so far…


Yet another new water.

I am sure you are aware already the club recently announced its acquisition of another new water, Nunnsmere in the heart of Cheshire. This water has seen very little in the form of angling pressure due to it being something of a private no access site. Stories abound of what is in there, massive pike, huge carp, giant perch and god alone knows what else. Evidence of any of these super fish has yet to surface but we can all day dream about the possibilities whilst we wait for the club to finish any works required before its opened to fishing. Carp and pike have been witnessed by club officials doing their duties but with 60+ acres there are plenty places to hide. I must stress at this stage that there is STRICTLY NO ACCESS to the site until its opening is announced. But to wet your appetite here are a few pictures…


Thanks to mancman for the pictures.

So that’s just about all for now. We are entering a special time of the year for angling when the fish start to feed up for the coming cold periods. The leaves on the trees are signalling the changing of seasons and for an avid pike angler like me that means only one thing………. “Winter is coming!”

Tight lines, Be lucky!

New Catfish record at 70lb 2oz for Shaun Gough

The big Cats at Lymmvale are regular visitors to the bank in the warmer months and each year they seem to put on a few pounds. This season has been no exception and one lucky angler had a new club record and a 22lb and 50lb+ Catfish as backup in the same session, Shaun Gough takes up the story.Lymmvale 70lb 2oz Catfish #2

I arrived on vale Friday afternoon and settled in the Sleepers swim. After a lead around I put my right rod on a clear spot on the sand bar about 30 yards out and the left rod just off the tree to the left margin spodding pellet and boliie over both spots.

Around 7pm I had a take on the left rod. Feeling like a tench but surprised to see a common carp coming to my net of about a pound smallest I’ve seen in Lymmvale. Just before dark topped up spots with a few more spods of freebies.

About 2am Saturday morning the right rod was off. After a 10 min fight I had a 22lb Catfish in my net. Nothing else happened for the rest of the night and through Saturday. Kept on topping spots throughout the day then around 7pm I started getting liners on the right rod. Just before dark I decided to move the left rod out the margins and fish both on the sand bar. Topping up the swim with a the pellet and boilie I had left as I was planning to leave early morning. Then around midnight woke to 3 bleeps on the left rod. Climbing out my bag I watched the bobbin slowly settle back. Thinking another liner I was just about to climb back in the bag when it tore off a one toner bait runner screaming I lifting into it and flicked off the bait runner.

The clutch still screaming as it striped 30-40 yards then stopped. I knew I had a cat and I knew it could be a new PB as never felt power like that. After a half hour fight I slipped the net under it. Looking into net I though a new PB and got to be 30lb+.

Phoning my mate who was fishing near cabin. He came running around just as I was about to lift it out the water. I thought my net was stuck on bottom.  I tried to lift it, It’s heavy I said to Kieran as I carried to the mat it could go 40lb. Kieran lifted it as I looked at scales which settled on 50lb 11oz. Smashing my PB by 24lb 11oz.

Buzzing I couldn’t sleep after. I nodded off to sleep around 3:30am and was woke at around 4am to a screaming Delkim. Lifting into it I knew I was another cat, stripping line like nothing I’ve ever seen. It started kiting to left and was praying it would stop. There was an angler on the car park swim and was worried I was going to pick up his lines not fighting it I just kept a tight line and hoped it would go back into open water.

The fish was out at about 60 yards and my line was so close to the tree then it stopped kiting and headed back for open water. Once it was back into open water I started to gain line. Took about 20 mins to get my marker elastic on to reel knowing then it was at 30 yards. Then it was stale mate for about 10 mins just leaning back into it swapping arms as they felt like lead then it started moving again and I soon had it under my feet.

One last run saw it take out my left rod before I had its head in net. I was struggling to get it into my 42inch net but looking in I couldn’t believe my eyes!!

I phoned Kieran who came around to do the honours again. Lifting the scales to see error on reading 60lb the scales bottomed out fortunately Kieran brought his big scales and as we lifted it onto our shoulders I couldn’t believe my eyes 70lb 2oz what an unbelievable session I’d had.

The photos aren’t the best quality but as the BIG cat has just been banked again at the same weight so we know it was weighed correctly!!Lymmvale 70lb 2oz Catfish

If you’d like to fish for a Cheshire 70lb+ cat fish as well as many other fine specimens you can join Lymm AC online here.

Great start to the river season!

The first two weeks of the river season have passed and catch reports are coming in of multiple hits of barbel and chub, with the club’s stretches of the River Severn once again providing members with some cracking early season sport. After clearing some swims at Rossall with friend ‘Woody’ before opening day, club bailiff and river regular Phil O’Callaghan has fished the stretch with great results and has kindly produced this report for the blog..


The season started ok on Rossall, not a prolific water but one that holds some nice specimens .


Phil’s first double of the season.

In the first 10 days, it has turned up nine barbel and an impressive twenty four very nice chub over 5lb to only a handful of anglers and all but a couple of the fish being taken after dark.
A Rossall chub.
 If my observations were correct, spawning took place a couple of days before the season started whereas Paul wood observed spawning taking place on the Bicton water on the 21st ,I recall speaking to the farmer last year on the same date and he told me it was always after the season had started but I won’t get into that debate .
Phil with an Atcham barbel.
I have fished Poachers a couple of times and as with the upper river it is turning up some very nice chub, the Barbel fishing I have found to be a little slow . Anyway I consider my season to have started well only fishing in the evening into dark and only blanking once on Llandinio a notoriously hard water, one that will take a little learning. There are plenty of salmon in the system and like us praying for some rain I guess.
If you’re not already a member and fancy fishing our rivers for specimens like these, follow the link for more!

Elliot lands a cracker – in black & white!

Lymm member, Elliot Knox recently paid a visit to Lymmvale with a view to banking one or two of it’s carp and as you will see below, things went well!

“When I arrived at the ‘Vale, I spotted a few fish in the upper layers and breaking the surface, this filled me full of hope. It was quite a pleasant, warm day and the water where the fish were showing was around 11’ deep. I decided on fishing zig-rigs and given the depth of water, it made sense to opt for an adjustable zig.

The first cast went bang-on the spot. While I was then setting up my second rod, the first one let out a single bleep of the alarm. I’d arrived here having been made aware by people that the carp could be tricky at times, so I looked down in disbelief as the rod hooped over and the clutch started ticking!

A very spirited scrap ensued, but eventually I drew the fish into my waiting net and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the very distinctive colours of a fine looking koi that tipped the scales at 22lb 2oz. The fish put up a hell of a scrap, sadly that was my only action of the day, but I’ll gladly settle for that every time. Now, I can’t wait to get back down to the ‘Vale!”

Elliot proudly showing off his 22lb 2oz koi carp.

Elliot proudly showing off his 22lb 2oz koi carp.

Well done, Elliot on a belting fish and lovely little write up! Should you wish to have a go for fish such as Elliots’, then take a look at our website, where you will find details of all our waters and, of course, joining information. We look forward to hearing from you!

First ‘double’ for Ben!

Lymm AC member, Ben Brady ranks the Daisybank stretch of the River Dane as one of his favourite venues. With just a week of the river season to go, Ben visited this popular stretch still seeking his first double figure barbel. Read his story below………

” I have fished various stretches of the River Dane all my life and I joined Lymm Anglers three seasons ago in a bid to catch my first ever double figure barbel. Since joining Lymm AC, I have fished the Daisybank stretch of the Dane regularly during the winter months, landing many good chub up to 4lb and barbel up to 8lb, but the  magical ‘double’ has always eluded me. Today (8th March) I decided to head down to the river for a couple of hours fishing before dusk. I often find that short dawn and dusk sessions work best on this stretch, particularly when the river is running low and clear. I made the trek down to the river and settled into my chosen swim.

Fishing a simple swan shot leger rig to 10lb line, I trundled a lump of luncheon meat under the far bank tree and waited for it to settle. I had literally been fishing for five minutes when the tip flew round. Fishing with 10lb line to a size 8 hook, I was able to apply enough pressure to turn this fish away from the snags. After several heart stopping minutes the fish rolled on the surface and at that point I knew it was big! The fish then plodded in the margins for another couple of minutes before I was able to draw it over the net. On the scales it went 10lb 5oz, my first ever double figure barbel and from my beloved Dane! To say I was happy with the result would be a real understatement! Fellow angler Mick Woodward witnessed the weigh-in and kindly photographed the fish for me. An incredible moment and an experience that will live with me forever!”

Ben's 10lb 5oz barbel.

Ben’s 10lb 5oz barbel.

Well done, Ben, a cracking fish and well deserved. If you fancy having a go at the sort of fishing Ben has experienced, then simply take a look at our website where you will find details of all our waters and details of our various types of memberships, including the great value ‘all rivers’ card. We look forward to hearing from you!

Successful Shakerley Session for Ian!

Lymm AC member, Ian Futcher has recently had a nice result on Shakerley Mere including two new PB’s. Read his account below………

“As information on Shakerley Mere is like ‘rocking horse droppings’ I thought that I would share the results of a recent session…

I arrived at Shakerley on  Monday afternoon and found a gentle breeze rippling towards the motorway bank, in the direction of a spot where I had fished a short evening session a few days previously. That session produced a new personal best bream of 7lb, so before leaving, I added a little more bait in anticipation of attracting and holding fish in the area for my next session.

After setting up, I swung my rigs out about 25 yards or so, both rigs fished snowman style with tigernut boilies that have been consistently producing results for me, together with a small pva mesh bag of crushed boilies and a light scattering of the bait over the top. The first fish in the net was another new PB bream of 7lb 7oz and whilst I was dealing with that one on the bank, the other rod was away, producing a slightly smaller specimen.

A couple of 'slabs' for Ian!

A couple of ‘slabs’ for Ian!

The rest of the night was uneventful, however, as morning broke a PB common of 21lb 12oz took a liking to the ‘tigers’.

Ian's new PB common of 21lb 12oz…..

Ian’s new PB common of 21lb 12oz…..

The rods stayed quiet until the following night when another bream of 7lb 6oz, took the bait. Then, the next morning, the last fish of the session was an old looking, battle-scarred mirror of 18lb. So, it just goes to show with a little bit of watercraft and a good quality bait, results can be had. I’m planning a few more sessions over the coming weeks so hopefully can find the really big fish that are rumoured to inhabit the mere.”

The 18lb mirror…..

The 18lb mirror…..

Well done, Ian, good angling and great read too!

If you would like more information about Shakerley Mere or any of our waters and, of course, details of how to join Lymm AC, then simply visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you!



A fifty-five year wait, ended!

Lymm AC member Billy Siviter (billysiv on the forum) recently visited Wrinehill Pool in pursuit of large carp and managed to remove a very large monkey from his back! Read his account below…….

“The BBC weather forecast said the heavy, overnight rain would pass through by 3a.m., however, as my friend and I arrived at the pool at 5a.m., it was still raining, albeit easing off. What was more noticeable was that the wind that had been pushing down the pool away from the car park all week, had now swung in the opposite direction.

I’ve spent quite a few sessions on the pool this summer for no reward, trying all sorts of different tactics, rigs and baits etc. By 6a.m., I was set up and fishing one rod down the right hand margin with a white ‘tutti-frutti’ pop-up and one rod just slightly out to the left. It was a quiet first hour and having spoke to another angler who suggested a switch to fishmeal boilies. So, with nothing to lose, both rods were changed to fishmeals that had been soaked in a concoction of evil smelling liquids, they really did stink to high heaven (and so do your fingers for a day or two after handling them!)

The rods were recast with six-bait stringers and I settled down and dozed off in the chair. At around 10a.m., the peace was shattered by the sound of my left hand alarm shrieking out its warning! I was in! The fish bored out and down into deeper water and then started to kite left. As it came closer to the bank, it almost kited into the reeds, but fortunately it went into open water again. The rest went smoothly with my friend assisting in the netting at which point the barbless hook dropped out in the net!

Once up on the scales, we recorded a weight of 22lb 7oz, a new PB and my first ‘twenty’ in 55 years of angling! I’d like to thank that angler for his advice regarding the change of bait, I’m afraid I didn’t get his name”.

Billy with his long awaited 'twenty'!

Billy with his long awaited ‘twenty’!

Congratulations, Billy! Here’s hoping you have many more now that you’ve broke through the ‘twenty’ barrier. If you would like the chance to catch fish like this, then simply visit our website at where you will find information about all of our waters and, of course, details of how to join. We look forward to hearing from you!

A fine brace for Darren!

Lymm AC member, Darren Loseby recently visited Spring Pool in a bid to beat his previous personal best catfish of 16lb, caught from another water on the Lymm AC card, Founders Pool.

Darren arrived at the water on the Friday for his first session there since joining the club, although he did used to fish there when it was formerly a day ticket water and knew it could a be a tricky venue sometimes.

After a fishless night on the Friday, one of Darrens rods ‘tore off’ and he struck into what was obviously a good fish. It was only after the battle and drawing the fish over the net did Darren realise that he had clearly beaten his previous PB cat, and by some distance as the scales revealed a weight of 39lb!

The smaller of Darren's brace at 33lb

The smaller of Darren’s brace at 33lb

Staying on for the night again, Darren had a quiet day, but in the early hours of Sunday morning, he was in again! This run resulted in a slightly smaller, but no less impressive, catfish of 33lb! A tremendous brace of cats in less than 24 hours with both fish falling to a half tin of luncheon meat topped off with CBS krill & liver boilies.

The business end of a big cat!

The business end of a big cat!

Darren's 39lb wels!

Darren’s 39lb wels!

Good skills, Darren, a fine pair of fish indeed! If you are interested in trying to catch fish as impressive as Darren’s latest haul, then simply log on to our website at where you will find details of all our waters and of course, details of how to join. We look forward to hearing from you!

Memorable first session for Jordan!

New Lymm AC member, Jordan Hampshire, visited Lymmvale for the first time recently. Not only was it his first visit to the’Vale, it was first ever fishing outing on a Lymm water.

Fishing with double spice shrimp boilies, Jordan managed to hook and land a rather special fish in the shape of a 46lb 8oz catfish!

Welcome to Lymm AC, Jordan and congratulations on catching such a magnificent specimen!

Jordan with his 46lb 8oz cat!

Jordan with his 46lb 8oz cat!

A smile that needs no explanation!

A smile that needs no explanation!

The captor returns!

The captor returns!

If you would like the opportunity to catch fish such as Jordan’s impressive catfish, then simply visit our website at where you can find out about all of our waters and of course, details on how to join us – we look forward to hearing from you!


Further Severn joy for Ian Futcher!

Following on from his early season success on Lymm AC’s Atcham stretch of the Severn, Ian Futcher has returned to the Severn, this time at Lymm’s Rossall stretch and had a result! Read the story in Ian’s own words below……

“After having had a couple of productive sessions at the Lymm AC stretch at Atcham, I decided it was time to try a different part of the Severn after that elusive double figure barbel. I chose to fish at Rossall as this stretch is renowned for producing larger specimens of both barbel and chub, in fact, currently holding the club record for both species. With the river running very low and clear at the moment it was possible to see the river bed in most places, but more importantly, where the deeper water was.

One of Ian's 7lb-ers.

One of Ian’s 7lb-ers.

I set up camp in a swim which had a deeper channel about three quarters of the way across the river and using a large bait dropper, I emptied several loads of hemp, pellet and tigernut boilies into where I hoped the barbel would be waiting. The first night came and went with two barbel of around 7lb to show for my efforts and as expected the whole of the next day passed by without as much as a twitch on the rods.

Two at once!

Two at once!

As the light started to fade on the second night, I put another 10 droppers of bait on each spot and waited to see if any barbel had found my bait. The river was misty and eerily quiet with just the sound of owls calling and the occasional bleep on the alarms as bats flew into the line. Then like flicking a switch the rods came to life. Three barbel, again all around 7lb came in quick succession and as I was netting the third my other rod started dancing on the rest signalling yet another fish!

Bar of Gold!  Ian's first double and new PB 10lb 2oz barbel.

Bar of Gold!
Ian’s first double and new PB 10lb 2oz barbel.

I picked up the rod and could tell straight away this was the fish I had come for. It felt heavy and slowly made its way upstream with the line ticking off the spool. I was careful not to rush the fish and gradually coaxed it in to the net. After resting the barbel, I gently placed it on the mat and quickly did the weighing and photos before returning it safely back to the river. At 10lb 2oz, my first double figure barbel and a new pb, result!”

Congratulations,Ian, fine angling again! To find details of how to join Lymm AC and try your hand at catching fish such as Ian’s, then simply visit our website at where you will information on all of our waters and memberships, including the incredible value Rivers Card.