Oasis & Poplars Pools Match Result 25/03/2018

Round 6 and the final match of the winter series was held on Oasis and Poplars Pools at Hampton Springs Fishery today.  Overnight the temperature had fallen to below zero resulting with a frost and although we had clear blue skies and bright sunshine with the breeze it remained cold.  Eleven anglers turned up today including John Davies (Fred) fishing his first match.

Going into the match it was close for the top three places especially with £50.00 going to the winner £40.00 to second  and £30.00 to third place. Peter Howard and Geoff Burgess were battling it out for third place whilst John Osborne and Mark Davies were tied on 7 points for 1st and 2nd place.  The match was split with six on Poplars and five on Oasis paying the top two on each pool. The points would be split as a separate match on each pool, as it happened Peter and Geoff were drawn on Oasis whilst John and Mark were on Poplars.

The match on Oasis was won by Geoff Burgess who got off to a flying start and never looked back dobbing bread across to the island from peg 5 catching quality carp and F1s, thus ensuring third place in the series.  Jimmy Byrne finished in second place on the pool with a mixed bag of fish from peg 11 including crucians, tench, roach, skimmers and F1s.

The match on Poplars got off to a eventful start with Fred hooking a descent carp which snapped the top kit of his pole however, Fred still managed to land the carp😳.  The battle for the series between John and Mark was all even after the first hour except for a couple of descent perch caught by Mark.Eventually Mark came out on top as he managed to catch carp and F1s from his margin on corn including a 13lb 3oz specimen to win the series with a perfect 4 point score.

ohnson ended the series on a high with a catch of carp caught down the edge and across to the island on the Pole to take second place on the pool.<

Oasis Pool

1st G.Burgess 35.13

2nd J.Byrne 13.01

3rd P.Howard 11.00

Poplars Pool

1st M.Davies 63.00

2nd K.Johnson 39.03

3rd F.Davies 13.08

Winter Series

1st M.Davies 4 points

2nd J.Osborne 7

3rd G.Burgess 8

4th P. Howard 10

The match was also the last one run by  me and John as it’s time for us to move on to pastures new!  However, we would like to thank the club for supporting the match section and to all the member who have fished the matches especially the diehards.< strong>We’ve enjoyed our time running the matches and have made some good friends, most of all though we have had some really good laughs with Geoff and Peter keeping us entertained!😃

 Regards Mark

Summer League R8 – Shakerley Mere

Round 8 of the summer series was held on Shakerley Mere today. Not a good turnout with only six fishing with a few away plus with news spreading that Jimmy Byrne had been on and blanked probably keeping a few away. The conditions were good with mostly cloud cover and a descent ripple on the water later in the match also some big carp showing in the margins prior to the match starting. We decided to use the high numbered pegs starting from 50 working back missing every other peg.

The first couple of hours were slow with the overnight rain probably having a effect with only the odd fish caught but once it warmed up a little and the breeze picked up so did the fishing. In the last match a couple of years ago there was more fish caught but it was noticeable that the ones caught today were of a better stamp.
Mark Davies won the match drawn on peg 46. Biteless for two hours Mark eventually managed to put a run of small roach together fishing the pole at 12m with maggot as feed and bait. Although not hectic fishing in the end it was a enjoyable days fishing.

Alan Faulkner on peg 48 finished in second place again fishing with maggot to catch small roach plus a couple of skimmers.

Jimmy Byrne drawn on end peg 50 finished in third place with a catch of small roach taken on maggot. The biggest fish of the day fell to Chris Finneran with a 1lb 9oz bream caught on treble maggot on the feeder rod.
1st M.Davies 3.11
2nd A.Faulkner 3.01
3rd J.Byrne 2.11
4th C. Finneran 1.10
Next match 13/08/17 on Grimditch Pool.

Junior Calendar


2016 Diary

Spring Series

Saturday March 19                 Academy Session 1 & Junior Match

Saturday April 2                      Academy Session 2 & Junior Match

Saturday April 16                    Academy Session 3 & Junior Match

Saturday April 30                    Academy Session 4 & Junior Match

Saturday May 14                     Junior Match

Saturday May 28                     Junior Match

External Matches

Saturday 11th June                   Dads & Lads Match – Partridge Lakes Fishery, Warrington

Saturday 25th June                 Angling Trust Cadet, Junior & Intermediate National Championships. Partridge Lakes Fishery, Warrington

Autumn Series

Saturday August 27                 Academy Session 1 & Junior Match

Saturday September 10          Academy Session 2 & Junior Match

Saturday September 24          Academy Session 3 & Junior Match

Saturday October 8                 Academy Session 4 & Junior Match

Saturday October 22               Junior Match

Saturday November 5             Junior Match

Lymm AC Juniors Start Times

Match                                      Draw 10:00 Fish 11:00 – 15:00

Academy                                Group 1 10:30 – 12:30

                                                Group 2 13:00 – 15:00

Impressive win for Lymm AC’s match team!

On Sunday 6th April, Lymm AC’s match team fished their 1st round tie of the Angling Times Supercup competition, they had been drawn to face  Warrington Blue. As Lymm were the home team,they had choice of venue and  decided to fish the match at the Chester Lakes complex, with the match taking place on Ecclestone and Aldford Pool with eight anglers on each lake.


Warrington have a good reputation as a small fish and canal team, so the decision was made to fish the match at Chester Lakes as this is a carp orientated water where pellet fishing would be the main tactic, which would hopefully see the Warrington outfit out of their comfort zone.

Being a team match format, each angler only has to beat the person next to him (one versus two etc) the points are scored one for a win and two for a loss. Lymm had a brilliant result winning 8 points to 16 which meant it was a whitewash. So comprehensive was the victory, that only one angler on the Lymm team failed to double the weight of their opponent!

The individual pools for the match were to be paid out for the top two on each lake, Mark Dineley finished in top spot on Aldford Pool with 25lb 12oz, runner up was Jimmy Byrne 19lb 10oz. On Ecclestone pool Mark Davies was the clear winner with 105lb 3oz, this was an incredible 40lb more than the whole Warrington team combined! Colin Hall finished 2nd with 20lb 2oz.

Lymm AC would like to congratulate the team on what was a fantastic result for the team and club against local rivals and wish them all the very best of luck in the next round – well done all!

Are you interested in match fishing in a club environment? Take a look at our website  www.lymmanglersclub.com to find out how to join!

Juniors: 2nd Round of Autumn Series won by newcomer

Sunday 18th August saw the 2nd Round of the Lymm AC Juniors Autumn Series taking place on New Pool. We had 8 anglers in the match, new comers Jack Stansfield and Elliott Mavers joined the regulars. Recently we changed the rules to limit the matches to one bait which will change every event and this week it was HEMP Week. Anglers were allowed to use half a pint of any other bait plus as much hemp as they wish to use. So for many it was which bait they would add to the hemp. Most of the match was split between caster and sweetcorn.

The match started well for Jack Stansfield pegged in the right hand corner of New Pool and few small skimmers took his corn bait for an early lead. Sarah Taylor pegged next to Jack was fishing just off the island and hooked a carp which proceeded to take off around the back of the island, in the struggle sections of Sarah’s pole came loose and took off with the carp, luckily both were rescued shortly afterwards. Elliott Mavers was quiet getting on with netting lots of small roach on his caster hook bait but could not find any larger residents.

Back to the fishing and a small battle was happening between Connor Higham and Callum McCormack pegged next to each other between the islands, both were catching well throughout. Connor fishing with caster found his fish to be smaller than Callum’s who chose corn. Alex Warham and Kyle Hickman were pegged to the right of the pool and benefited from the hair cut the lake had received over the last few weeks. Alex was quick to net a small carp after two hours of fishing and Kyle left it to the dying seconds to hook a small carp which on light elastic took just under 10 minutes to land.

The next match will take place on the 1st September on Spring Pool.

Callum in fine form catching his way to 5lb 11oz

Callum in fine form catching his way to 5lb 11oz

Callum McCormack sporting the new Lymm AC Juniors teamwear talking to the 'enemy'.

Callum McCormack sporting the new Lymm AC Juniors teamwear talking to the ‘enemy’.

Freddie's brother Jake Didd catching a lovely crucian carp during his first session in the Lymm AC Academy.

Freddie’s brother Jake Didd catching a lovely crucian carp during his first session in the Lymm AC Academy.

Academy newcomers Freddie Didd getting to grips with fishing and off to a great start

Academy newcomers Freddie Didd getting to grips with fishing and off to a great start

Alex Warham's 4lb 15oz with this lovely small carp

Alex Warham’s 4lb 15oz with this lovely small carp

Callum McCormack with his 5lb 11oz

Callum McCormack with his 5lb 11oz

Jack Stansfield on his first match with us taking winning spot with 13lb 5oz of mainly skimmers caught on corn over hemp

Jack Stansfield on his first match with us taking winning spot with 13lb 5oz of mainly skimmers caught on corn over hemp

Sarah Taylor with her 8lb 3oz of fish and got to keep her topkit.

Sarah Taylor with her 8lb 3oz of fish and got to keep her topkit.

Newcomer Eliot Maver's 2lb 7oz

Newcomer Eliot Maver’s 2lb 7oz

Kyle Hickman with his carp and 6lb 12oz for third place.

Kyle Hickman with his carp and 6lb 12oz for third place.

Lymm AC Juniors secure 2nd place

Merseyside CADG LogoOn Saturday 27th July Lymm AC Juniors competed along side three other teams for the title of Merseyside Angling Champions 2013. The annual event taking place at Chester Lakes Fishery in Rouge Hill near Chester was open to teams of six anglers aged under 17 years old. Run by Merseyside County Angling Group (Mersey CADG), a group set up by the Angling Trust to increase participation in angling through better access through organised events, fun days and networking between fishing clubs, coaches, tackle industry and fisheries. 

Teams from Netherley Valley Youth Angling Group, Lymm Angling Club, Matrix Tameside and Pilkington Anglers Association entered the competition and spread over two lakes on the fishery nerves were high as the young anglers gathered. Temperatures has been in the 20’s all week and with the threat of rain this meant that fish were mainly up in the water and this formed the main approach for all teams. Many using pole and many taking to pellet waggler tactics to draw out as many fish as possible. As the competition began it wasn’t long before fish were being caught young Richard Hansley (Lymm AC Juniors) on his first team match on a lake he had never seen before caught a small carp first cast which settled his nerves and put him in good stead for the rest of the match. One of the early leaders was Tom Heron (Matrix Tameside) who in the first hour had a 5lb carp plus plenty of small carp and with no sign up of the fish letting up the chance was there to run away with the competiton. Josh Ward-Trow (Matrix Tameside) was catching steadily but loosing just as many fish, fishing soft elastic meant that he was able to hook more fish but at times the fish were able to make a late break for it and escape.

Across the two lakes fishing was beginning to slow and many people were struggling to catch. Matrix Tameside, fresh from their win at the Cadet Nationals were making their charge! Four out of the six sections were being taken apart by these young anglers. But in E and F section Lymm where holding their own, young Richard Hansley was bagging carp shallow on the waggler, considering he had never used one before that day he was handling it brilliantly. And Ronan Haferty was having a great late battle with Sarah Taylor. But there was one angler who was quietly going about his business, Tom Herron’s debut for his new matrix team couldn’t have been going any better. He was working his shallow pole and waggler lines like a real pro, steadily catching carp. Callum McCormack on A section caught a few fish early but everything slowed down and although he scraped a few fish towards the end enough for third place in the section. Connor Higham struggled and the fish did not show up even though the angler to his left was finding them. He switched to a maggot approach and picked up small perch with the hope of something bigger moving in but unfourtunately they didn’t. New comer to the team Nathan Brooks was pegged to the eventual winner but struggled to get the larger residents to settle on his shallow pole tactic and although switching onto the pellet waggler that was producing so well for Tom Heron it was too late and a few late fish took second place in the section. Team Captain Kyle Hickman was pegged in a very tight corner and did really well to draw out 3lb of fish with anglers either side and opposide all competing for space.

As the match drew to a close it was obvious which team had won, but second, third and fourth couldn’t be called, it was down to the scales to work their magic! With one section win, two seconds, two thirds, and a fourth, it was with great delight that Lymm AC Juniors were confirmed as second place!! Pilkington AA finished in third place, just one point behind Lymm AC Juniors. The individual results were a true testimony to the ability of the Matrix Tameside juniors, filling the top three places. And it was that man Tom Herron who won the title of individual champion 2013, with a fantastic weight of 55lb, that’s what you call setting the bar high! Definitely his first of many and a bright future with the team. Also congratulations to Josh Ward-Trow in second place (43lb) and the Sarah Taylor who celebrated becoming a teenager with a thrid place weight of 29lbs.


Nathan Brooks 7lb 14oz enough for 2nd in section.


Young Callum McCormack with 10lb 5oz for section third


Connor Higham with 13oz but was unlucky not to see a carp.

035 small

Under 13’s County Champion Richard Hansley his 18lb enough for a section win.


Top weight for the team Ronan Hafferty with 24lb 11oz beating the angler on the next peg by 1oz and crucial in keeping in the second place spot.

So congratulations to Matrix Tameside for a brilliant win, but a personal and massive congratulations to the Lymm AC Juniors for taking second place against some great young anglers, third last year, second this year, it’s going to be first next year lads!!!
061 069small

Next team match is in September for the NJAA where Lymm AC are looking to enter a Junior Team (14-18s) and a Cadet Team (under 14s) if you are interested in taking part please contact Chris Finneran on 07525360804 or christopher.finneran@gmail.com

Juniors Academy, places available for Sunday.

2013 Autumn Series starts this Sunday, 4th August.

Our Academy sessions cater for novice anglers and include 4 lessons, this year’s junior permit, 4m whip and starter kit all for only £30! Sign up now!

Autumn Academy Flyer

For more experienced anglers we have a series of six matches in which anglers compete against each other in friendly competition. We have a number of highly experienced coaches on hand to give top tips and advice.


For more information contact Chris Finneran on 07525-360804 or email christopher.finneran@gmail.com

Juniors and Adult Pairs – 16 June Chester Lakes


Carl McCormack's 17lb 6oz mainly method feeder caught fish.

Carl McCormack’s 17lb 6oz mainly method feeder caught fish.


Chris Finneran's 14lb 9oz of pellet waggler fish

Chris Finneran’s 14lb 9oz of pellet waggler fish


Group picture of all that took part. thanks everyone!

Group picture of all that took part. thanks everyone!


Kyle Hickman's 7lb 7oz

Kyle Hickman’s 7lb 7oz


Elliott Mavers 29lb 14oz

Elliott Mavers 29lb 14oz


Jack Ross 2lb

Jack Ross 2lb


Louis Mavers 9lb 8oz

Louis Mavers 9lb 8oz


Phil Ross 5lb 15oz

Phil Ross 5lb 15oz


Sarah Taylor 11lb 13oz

Sarah Taylor 11lb 13oz

Cloudy but dry skies greeted us for the annual dads and lads match, the match also served as a practice match for the upcoming Merseyside Championships taking place at the fishery. Warm temperatures all week should mean for a good match with fish showing.

The match saw seven pairs taking part, split over two lakes most anglers on the middle lake on the bank facing away from the café with four anglers on the bottom of the first lake.

It wasn’t long before fish were gracing the banks, some started on the method feeder and some on pellet waggler. Sarah Taylor started fishing shallow on the pole and was first to catch a small carp on her second fish her pole come apart and started to motor across the lake. Luckily after a minute or so the fish moved close the bank and we were able to hook it in. Mark Hickman was catching using the method feeder a short distance out fishing double maggot over groundbait. Chris Finneran was using a pellet waggler fishing about 18m out constantly firing 6mm pellets around the float fluctuating depths between 3ft and 8inches. Jack Ross was fishing a small waggler under the rod and catching some small Tench his dad on the next peg was fishing with a small method feeder a couple of rod lengths out and was catching the odd carp. New comes Elliott Mavers was catching well at the end of the second lake. He was catching early on the method and started to feed the closer in on the pellet waggler. Callum McCormack fishing the first lake facing the island was able to cast close the island and picked up the odd fish. Peter Smith and Connor Higham struggled in the corner with the wind blowing in their faces. Kyle Hickman lost a big fish at the net but was catching small carp in the corner of the first pool. Match section regular Kieron Lock was taking part with this son Dom and managed the biggest fish of the day with a 7lb mirror carp.


Mark Hickman – 11lb 13oz

Kyle Hickman – 7lb 7oz Total: 19lb 4oz

Peter Smith – 2lb

Connor Higham – 0 Total: 2lb

Elliott Mavers – 29lb 14oz

Louis Maver – 9lb 8oz –Total: 39lb 6oz

Callum McCormack – 5lb 13oz

Carl McCormack – 17lb 6oz Total: 23lb 3oz

Phil Ross – 5lb 15oz

Jack Ross – 2lb – Total: 7lb 15oz

Sarah Taylor – 11lb 13oz

Chris Finneran – 14lb 9oz Total: 26lb 3oz

Dominic Lock – 1lb 2oz

Kieron Lock – 8lb 10 – Total: 10lb 12oz

Sandy Pool 20th January Match Cancelled


Please note this coming Sundays match on Sandy Pool has been cancelled due to the water being frozen over. The next match is on the Chester Lakes Complex on the 3rd February.

If you like more information or wish to enter a match please Contact Us.

Lymm AC 2012 Summer Series results…

The 2012 Summer Series saw 13 members register for the 6 matches held at Milton Brook, Whitely Pool, Micklewrights Flash and Grimsditch Pool.

The clubs Match Section is expanding in 2013 and has already identified new venues and dates for both series, you can read more here.

2012 Summer Series Results