Lymm AC Specimen Cup Competition

This season will see the launch of a brand new Specimen Cup Competition open to all members.

It will run from June 16th 2012 to March 15th 2013. There will be three prizes on offer.

1st Prize a year’s free membership.

2nd Prize £60 of tackle vouchers.

3rd Prize £40 of tackle vouchers.

In addition there will be a cup for the winner to hold for 12 months and an engraved tankard to keep.

The objective will be to catch specimens of as many different species as possible. Points will be awarded for two categories,

1)      Species; 100 points for each one recorded; (each species can only be counted once).

2)      Percentage of the current Club record. A maximum of three entries per species.

For example a 1lb 8oz Roach would earn the captor 175 points; 100 for the species and 75 for the percentage of the current club record. A further roach entered by the same angler of 1lb would only pick up 50 points for the percentage.

Only species on the clubs record list will be eligible with the exception of Brown Goldfish/Crucian Carp. Due to the problems with accurate identification it would not be practical to differentiate between the two. In this case entries will be accepted for Brown Goldfish only and points calculated against the current Crucian Carp club record.

Only fish caught on Lymm AC waters will be accepted.

Each entry must be accompanied by two photographs, preferably one of which will be a mat shot as above with an item of tackle to give scale, (rod butt, scales, reel etc). Only fish caught between the dates above will be eligible, (catch returns and arrival slips may be cross checked).

Registration for the competition must be completed before submitting an entry form, to register complete the form below and click the submit button.

Competition catch return forms are available by clicking here and must be completed for each catch submitted.

To submit a catch return form please either send an email to the following address ;

You must attach the two photo’s of your specimen and the completed catch return form for each species alternatively you can post your entries and photos to the clubs PO box.

A monthly league table will be posted on here along with some of the photo’s to keep members informed of the competitions progress.

Any contestant who receives an endorsement during the season will be disqualified

Entry to the competition can be made at any time by completing the form below.

All entries to be submitted by e-mail or by posting to the Club PO box within 28 days of capture.

Phil Hatton (Competition Organiser)

Registration Form (Must be submitted before sending a catch return and photo’s)