Lymms FAQ’s

In this section you will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most on the members forum:

Q. What is the post code for Micklewrights Flash?

A. CW1 4PE

Q. When do I have to renew my licence by?

A. You can fish until 31st January of following year (Licence runs officially from 1st January – 31st December) and you must renew your membership by 31st March to avoid paying the joining fee for Seniors again or being processed as a new application.

Q. Cost of overstamp?

A. £55 (Or 2 x 6 hour work parties

Q. How many rods can I use?

 A. No more than two baited rods may be used on club waters where allowed. (See water specific rules)

Q. Can I take a guest?

A. Unfortunately not however a Senior & Pensioner permit entitles the members spouse or partner and children or grand children (under the age of 16 years old) to fish club waters at no extra charge, up to a limit of four rods between them which must be on the same peg as the member. EA rod licence rules still apply. 

Q. Is there a minimum breaking strain for Belmont complex?

A. No

Q. How long can I stay on a water in one session?

A. No angler shall spend longer than 48 hours on any club water unless stated otherwise in the  water specific rules.

Q. What are the ‘minimum toiletry requirements’?

A. Toilet roll/wipes and plastic bag or similar that can be sealed/ tied and disposed of off site. aka “3B’S” (bogroll, babywipes and bag). 

Q. If I catch a trout can I take it to eat?

A. No fish should be killed or removed from any club water.

Q. Can I use particles on the belmont estate?

A. Particles (including sweetcorn, hemp, seeds etc) are prohibited as free offerings but can be used as hook baits. Groundbait containing particles is also prohibited but scalded pellet and crumb is permitted on a method feeder. Plastic hook baits, sweetcorn etc, are allowed.

Q. How’s ………. pool fishing?

A. To see how a certain pool is fishing please see the catch returns section on the members forum (Login required).

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Club Policy on Wading


Lymm Angling Club has reviewed the wading issue and from that review are instructing you the membership with the following.

1. We advise that all members wading to carry out a dynamic risk assessment prior to entering the water, to be aware of your surroundings and take responsible steps for your own safety.


Dynamic risk assessment is the practice of mentally observing, assessing and analysing an environment while we are fishing, to identify and remove risk. The process allows individuals to identify a hazard on the spot and make quick decisions in regards to their own safety.

2. You are advised to wear a wading belt, flotation life vest and have a wading crook/staff.

3. Read specific water rules, as wading is prohibited on certain waters under the lease agreement.

4. All members are advised not to wade on their own where possible.

Lymm Angling Club excludes all liability relating to wading on Club waters to the extent permitted by law. This does not exclude the Club’s liability for death or personal injury due to the Club’s negligence.


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